GRIME: How to progress in the game | Step-by-step procedure

DIRT is a relentlessly weird Metroidvania. From the start, you're thrust into its surreal world with almost no help along the way, and as you progress you'll discover more and more areas to explore. Eventually, the game stops giving you hints of any kind. If you're lost and don't know what to do, we've got a list of steps you need to get to the end – they're as easy as it gets. Sometimes all you need is a hint.

There is a DIRT section that a lot of players struggle with. Don't worry, you don't need any glitch to progress mid-game when you're looking for the fourth boss. This is when you'll be free to explore most of the map, even if you don't have all the tools you need. You'll be sent to explore the Gardens, an area you can reach much earlier in the game, but you won't get far. To go deeper into the sinister zone, you will need a new movement power. A classic of the genre: the grappling hook.

Travel powers are the bread and butter of Metroidvanias, and you'll get an odd variety in this game - sometimes not in the order you intended. When you're totally lost and just want to be pointed in the right direction, check out the steps needed to progress below.

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Step #1: Gaining Passion

Your first domain. This is the tutorial. You will learn to counter attacks and gain ardor.

  • Begin in the weeping cavity.
  • Defeat the Amalgam boss in the Weeping Cavity to get the Ardor ability.
  • The higher your ardor, the more mass (points for leveling up) you get – and you can buy items with it.

Step 2: Win the attraction and meet Shidra

Go out into the larger world. You'll need to explore the vast Unformed Desert, dive into the Lithic, and take a trip to the World Pillar to meet Shidra. This important quest character will guide you through the rest of the game.

  • Travel through the Unformed Desert and reach Lithic.
  • Defeat the Whispering Mothers in lithic to get the attraction ability.
  • Go to the Pillar of the World and talk to Shidra to get his quest.

Step #3: Complete Shidra's quest for the Kilyah Stone

You will need to dive in a large area to reach the Kilyahstone. The game is still mostly simple here – the path through the Nerveroot and Feaster's Lair will unlock the Air Dash.

  • From Nerveroot, descend to Feaster's Lair.
  • Defeat the Vulture boss in Feaster's Lair to get the Air Dash ability.
  • Defeating the Vulture will also give you the Kilyahstone quest item. Return to Shidra.

Step #4: Obtain the grappling hook and unsealer

The hardest part of the game. Finding the Unsealer is unclear, and you won't be able to access the gardens until you unlock the Grapple ability. Most importantly, you need to get to the top of Carven Palace. Don't look for (what appears to be) a boss in Feaster's Lair. The Carven Palace is difficult, but progress is possible.

  • Shidra will give you a quest to reach the garden to find the Unsealer.
  • To reach the Garden, take the Servants' Path to the Carven Palace.
  • Use Shoot the elevators and tank/dodge through the spikes to climb the Carven Palace.
  • Defeat the Shapely Fidus boss at the top of Carven Palace to get the Clawshot ability.
  • With Grapple, you can now access the garden via Carven Palace. Deep below.
  • In the garden, collect the Unsealer and use it on the door to the far right of the Carven Palace.

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