Grounded's new update lets you wage war on the bees

On a less self-destructive note, inventory management is now less complicated

It may not be the significant story overhaul some players have been waiting for, but I'm ready to see Grounded again with the 0.6.0 update – it adds a few overhead attention grabbers like bees, mosquitoes and fireflies, as well as what I would call an essential quality-of-life change to backpack inventory management.

(The way the dead bee's body rolls from its head at 2:33 is wonderfully unsettling.)

The change that will have a positive knock-on effect: your equipped items won't take up space in your backpack, and when you die, you won't lose them. Instead, your equipped gear will take a “small” durability hit. It's a fair compromise between providing tension (it's a survival game) and ease of use.

This update also includes gear to go along with the flying menace — you can craft Bee Armor, Firefly Headlamp, Stinger Spear, and Mosquito Needle, among others — and plenty of setting changes. Another good point: “Most unblockable creature attacks are now blockable with shields. »

I haven't even explored the realm of koi yet, so I have a heap of way to go. Wish me good luck. It is a testimony of this tiny and huge world which, even after a long break, I still remember the landscape very well.

Update 0.6.0 is released [Obsidian]

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