GTA 5: Where to find the best cars and vehicles

Thinking about replaying Grand Theft Auto 5? A new next-gen version is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X soon, and the Enhanced Edition is available now on PC. It's a good time to get back into RGT, and a good time to remind yourself where all the best vehicles in the game are. We had to take a trip down memory lane to remember - it's been years since I not steal a Rhino Tank, or hook up a free super car. But now we have the locations for 10 of the best cars and vehicles you can grab for free.

It's not just about cars. These are the most ridiculous vehicles we wanted. Tanks, jet fighters, gunships and super cars. Some of them only appear after certain missions. Some can only be stolen from high security areas. Others are hidden in secret places that you will never find on your own. We forget the easy-to-find stuff that only appears on the streets. These vehicles are meant to cause chaos.

Adder: Free Super found near Michael's house. Look behind the large horse statue - the Adder seems to spawn there about 50% of the time. It will also appear for other characters! Look outside the Sessanta Nove store (Portola Drive, Rockford Hills) – or it can be purchased at Legendary Motorsport for $1. I recommend just stealing it.

fast GT: Appears randomly in Rockford Hills / vineyard hills. The Rapid GT is fast with very good traction making it one of the easiest rides in the game. You are guaranteed to find one during the mission Legal issue outside Solomon Richards' studio.

Hakuchou: Superbike spawns randomly outside Floyd's apartment in Vespucci Beach. You'll have to check the area often to find it, but it's one of the best bikes to find in the game. Ridiculously fast with excellent cornering – perfect for narrow escapes in back alleys. If you downloaded the Festive Surprise DLC for GTAO, it spawns much more often in GTAV.

Rhino Reservoir: Find in Fort Zancudo — the Rhino Tank is common inside. The huge armored vehicle has a killer main gun and machine guns. To steal it, you need to get inside Fort Zancudo and escape with the tank. The only garage large enough to store the Rhino Tank is the Sandy Shores Aerodrome. Alternatively, you can purchase the Rhino Tank from Cache and transport of war stock for 3 000 000 $.

Jet P-996 LEISURE : Find in Fort Zancudo — the jets are in the large/small hangars. The P-996 is a powerful jet fighter that can lock down ground targets with missiles. You can parachute into the base safely, land on a hangar, then fly it and arrest it in the Sandy Shores Aerodrome.

Buzzard Attack Chopper: Found on the roof of QG NOOSE (Sustanica Road, Palomino Highlands, Los Santos County) – is armed with miniguns and rocket pods. Parachute onto the roof of NOOSE HQ, and one can be stolen without increasing your wanted level.

Bulldozer: Bulldozer found in the Quartz Davis career, at Senora Way — the quarry is east of Sandy Shores. The humble bulldozer is ideal for causing random armored mayhem in the streets. They can often be found at any construction site and near the Pegasus hangar at Los Santos International Airport.

submersible: Submarine found at Sandy Shores Aerodrome, near the water tower. To actually use it, you'll need to use a Cargobob - and the submersible only appears if you're playing as Trevor. It's a submarine! For a more permanent solution, you can purchase the Sonar Collections Dock, located in Paleto Cove, Blaine County. The Dock and Submarine can only be purchased/found after completing the Merryweather Heist.

Jetmax speed boat: Found in a hidden cove north of Palmer-Taylor Generating Station in the San Chianski Mountain Range in Los Santos County. It's one of the fastest and sleekest boats in the game. Take it for a good all-around speedboat. You can also buy it for $299 from DockTease.

Marshal: Monster Truck unlocked after complete the stock car racing event five times. Then you can choose the Monster Truck from any player-owned Garage! If you don't want to race, these giant off-roaders can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for $250.

This covers some of our favorite cars and vehicles that you can pick up (for free) in the larger world of Los Santos. What other vehicles did we miss? There are so many, but we stick to the basics.

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