GTA Online – How To Recover An Impounded Car Gordon Bicker | 5 2022 Has your car been impounded in GTA Online?

GTA Online has grown exponentially over the years with new players arriving frequently and immersing themselves in all the series has to offer. One particular aspect players will need to get used to is buying cars and making sure they stay with you either in your garage or as a personal vehicle to summon in the open world. However, if you have done anything nefarious in the world of GTA Online then you may need to recover your vehicle that has been impounded by the Los Santos police. This guide article will tell you how to recover your impounded car GTA online.

How to recover your impounded car the “standard” way

There are two methods to recover your vehicle after it has been impounded and one takes longer than the other, it is this particular method. Once your car has been impounded, when you respawn or the action is complete, you will receive an on-screen notification telling you that your car has been impounded. From this point, you will then see that the location of your personal vehicle on the map will change to the impound lot.

At this point you can drive to where your vehicle was impounded and go to the front gate, just pay the $250 fee at the gate and you will be allowed in and to pick up your personal vehicle. Whether it's one of the new vehicles from The Contract or another vehicle.

How to recover your impounded car with your assistant

Another way to recover your impounded vehicle without ever having to go to the yard is to use your assistant if you have an office in GTA Online. Just call your assistant on your phone and there will be an option to retrieve your impounded vehicle which you need to select and then your car will appear near you within seconds.

As you can see, this will save you a lot of time when you have other things to do in GTA Online.

GTA V is available now and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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