Guardians of the Galaxy: Should You Sell Rocket or Groot? Thomas Cunliffe | October 25, 2022 What will it be? The tree or the raccoon?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is full of choices; some are simple dialogue changes, but others can significantly affect the flow of certain parts of the game. One of those choices is whether or not to sell Rocket or sell Large to Lady Hellbender in order to pay the fine you owe Nova Corps.

In this guide, we'll explain what happens when either option is chosen, so you can figure out which option you can choose in your game. Be warned that this entire guide will contain spoilers for several chapters of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Should you sell Rocket or Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Choosing to sell Rocket or Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy results in different dialogue, different scenes, and most importantly, a different gameplay section before facing the first boss. Selling Rocket spawns a combat section where you and your fellow Guardians attempt to escape Lady Hellbender's fortress while battling hordes of her guards through various levels. Choosing to sell Groot instead results in a much shorter stealth streak that leads directly to the boss.

If you prefer action and/or want to gain extra experience to get ability points, choose Rocket. If you prefer stealth and/or want to finish the chapter quickly, choose Groot. If you have already chosen, there is an option to change who you want to sell just before entering the fortress. Other than the gameplay sections, your choice does not affect the rest of the game, nor the ending.

What happens if you sell Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy

Lady Hellbender is amused by Rocket and finds him cute, however, she is not interested in buying him and considers him "worthless" and asks for Groot instead. Rocket is furious that she claims he's not worth the credits and doesn't want to put his best friend in danger, so he does what any reasonable person would do. Shoot him. Lady Hellbender calls her army upon the Guardians, forcing them to smash through the ground and through her fortress while fighting off the swarms of her henchmen. They reach a safe with more than enough credits inside to pay their fine, but are locked in while gas is released through the vents. Eventually, they escape the vault and reach Dweller-in-Darkness, the game's first boss fight.

What happens if you sell Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy

Lady Hellbender offers enough credits to pay the Guardian's fine if Groot is chosen over Rocket. She takes Groot and the Guardians are given a room for the night, however, the only sleep that takes place is by Lady Hellbender's guards. A short stealth section takes place in which the Guardians must rescue Groot. The Groot they found was actually a shapeshifting creature, which leads them directly to Lady Hellbender and the Dweller-in-Darkness boss fight. After that, there is no difference between the two choices, other than small dialogue changes.

If you need help defeating Lady Hellbender's Supernatural Pet Horror, visit our Dweller-in-Darkness boss guide.

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