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Don't miss your first two skulls!

Act 1 of Halo Infinite sends Master Chief through the Buzzer against the Banished Forces - it's a linear series of levels and you'll want to get all the collectibles you can here, because they can be missed. Until you reach the open area at the start of Act 2, there is no way to return to previous levels. Not yet anyway. And there are collectibles that are incredibly easy to miss early on. Audio logs are great, but that's the skulls we are all after.

Skulls are hidden collectibles that when found unlock special effects that can help or hinder you. Skulls are kind of like old-school cheats – skulls in this section of the game make your explosions bigger and increase the effect, sending bodies (and objects) flying even farther. And these skulls are hidden in difficult places. Even using the scan ability doesn't really help you find them any easier.

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How To Find All Collectibles | Skulls, Audio Logs, Spartan Cores, and Armor Lockers

There are several types of collectibles in Halo Infinite. Here's a quick overview.

  • skulls: Hidden tricks. Find a skull to unlock the corresponding cheat and activate it in the Campaign menu.
  • Audio logs: Audio logs are of three types: UNSC, Spartan and Banished. They beep when you are near.
  • Spartan Cores: Solo collectibles that are used to unlock costume upgrades.
  • Armor Lockers: Containers that unlock customization armor for multiplayer.

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UNSC Audio Diary: After the first elevator, find the Audio Journal to your left on a pile of boxes. You will hear the beep once you get off the elevator.

Ride the central freight elevator.

Skull: On the way to the bridge, you will come to a long hallway room that consists of two floors with red elevators. It's past the control room – the glowing elevators are on the right side. Ride one of the red elevators to find the hidden skull. There are three elevators – take the middle one and go down to the alcove.

  • boom: Doubles the explosion radius.

Banned audio log: In the area of ​​the massive bridge, take a right on the upper path. On the wall in that corner with a weapon rack, you'll find a leaning audio log.


Jump on this pillar – all the way to the top. Then you can reach the strug in the center.

Skull: After encountering the "Weapon", the elevator will go up and stop in a large room. Continue into the next room where you will encounter enemies. From there, climb to the top of his chamber to find this skull using your grappling hook. Use the scan to spot him on a high ledge in the center to your right as you enter. Use the ledges of the first pillar - once you've climbed to the top of the pillar, you can jump down and grab the middle ledge.

  • Cowbell: The acceleration of explosions is increased.

Banned audio log: Later in the room where you will use your AI to raise two bridges. The log is right next to the exit door. You can not miss it.

Improved Mjolnir Suit: Enhanced Shield Core – Found after the room where your AI raises the two bridges. Up ahead, you'll find a dead Spartan as part of the story. This is an objective not to be missed.

UNSC Audio Diary: On the catwalk suspended above dozens of storage containers in the distance leading to your objective – a seed of power. There is a newspaper right next to the terminal.

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