Halo Infinite: How To Get The Most Guns In The Game | Scorpion Firearms Secret Guide

The Scarab Gun has just been improved.

Fans of Halo Infinite have discovered the most revolutionary gun in the game - and you can get it before entering the open world for the first time. The insanely powerful 'Scorpion Gun' might just be the latest version of Halo 2's 'Scarab Gun'.

It does exactly what you think it does. The "Scorpion Gun" fires a tank shell like the main gun of the Scorpion tank. Even better, this explosive weapon does not harm the player. You're free to run around with it and blow it all up, turning a tough game into an absolute breeze if you feel like it. And yes, this weapon is still available on legendary difficulty. If you're struggling to unlock the legendary completion achievement, this gun makes that task so much easier. Like, absurdly easier.

And if you've checked out our Fort Tremonius Airstrike Easter Egg guide, you already know exactly how to earn that special, secret, possibly malfunctioning gun. Halo 2's "Scarab Gun" was an invisible gun that fired blasts from a Scarab's main cannon - Scarabs being huge walking spider tanks about five stories tall. The “Scorpion Gun” sounds much more wimper. But in terms of gameplay, you can keep this thing for the whole game.

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How To Get The Scorpion Pistol | Easter egg guide

If you know how to run the Air Strike Easter Egguf, you know how to get this weapon. Even if you don't, we'll give you a quick explanation here - in Avant-post of Tremonius, before leaving the level and entering the open world via the Pelican, you must press three hidden buttons.

Stage 1: Launch the Airstrike Easter Egg in Tremonius Outpost

To activate this Easter egg, you must find three red buttons and press them in a specific order. This can only be done before leaving Fort Tremonius – returning to the area later in the open world will now allow you to pick up the Scorpion gun.

Red Switch #1: Exiting from inside at the start of the mission, go right and back around the banished structure. Find it near the cliffs on your left. Continue down this path and you can also find Forerunner hardlight weapons.

Red Switch #2: Watch the giant ship crash above the outpost – there is a crate, almost directly above a banished machine gun post, you will have to fight on the hill leading to the exit of the level from the landing area.

Red Switch #3: The last switch is in the front of the crashed ship. There are two big turrets on the side - go to the nearest turret to find a corpse with the last button.

Step #2: Collect the Scorpion Pistol

Then you actually need to pick up the weapon. This can be done during/while the Airstrike Easter Egg is happening.

  • Go to northern artillery battery on the crashed ship. The one just north of the artillery battery where we pressed the third red switch.
  • Stand on the straight gun barrel — standing on the point, facing north. Look at the direction the gun is facing.
  • If you are standing in the right place and in the right direction, a " Retrieve" will appear.

Take the gun and Scorpion Pistol will swap. This gun is completely invisible and makes it impossible to perform animations like melee. It also fires tank shells from a Scorpion tank! The gun has unlimited ammo and shell explosions do not hurt you. You can effectively blast enemies in melee range and you won't be affected.

And you can keep the gun. It stays with you after screens load, and stays with you even if you save and exit. The only way to lose the Scorpion gun is to swap it out for another gun and drop it on the ground – you can swap between your two held weapons while keeping it.

The Scorpion Pistol still spawns on Legendary difficulty and can be kept very far in the game. There might be a time when it will be removed and replaced, but that's far in the game. You'll be able to use it for a long time in the open world , which is the deadliest place when trying to explore on Legendary. If you're looking for an early boost, this is the best weapon to grab.

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