Hell Let Loose Update 16 Patch Notes

Update 16 has arrived for Hell unleashed, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

In this update, Hell Let Loose fixes a ton of bug fixes, including the bug that doesn't allow players to crouch while performing the crouch sprint animation while holding a gun. It also fixes the IS-1 cannon having the wrong name on the HUD, and missing Leave and Leave Server buttons in the game menu when players are in the Killed In Action screen. The update also brings gameplay and feature changes that reduce the cost of building Repair Stations and Bazooka Ammo to just 2 Rockets.

Here is everything listed in the patch notes:-


  • Significantly reduced the collision size of tank shells (shells should be less likely to explode on objects they would otherwise have to pass through, such as when firing between a fence. More accurate shots are now possible for gunners , for example avoiding the turret mask and shooting directly into the turret)
  • Added ability for shooter to aim accurately by reducing aiming sensitivity using [SHIFT] (Default key job)
  • Added a "Repairs in progress" HUD indicator when repairing
  • Adjusted shell projectiles to start from base of gun to avoid firing through objects
  • Barrel collision with an object will now obstruct the shooter's view, preventing the player from seeing through
  • Vehicle components are now repaired in the following order: Engine > Tracks > Turret > Hull


  • During overtime, if attackers capturing progress reach 0%, the match will now end.
  • Critical/downed players no longer block spawns.


  • Reduced repair station construction cost from 100 to 50
  • Bazooka ammo reduced to 2 rockets
  • Improved VOIP connection reliability and ability to reconnect using the reconnect feature
  • Wearing [F] while bleeding will immediately equip a bandage and begin to bandage
  • Improved reliability of deploying weapons on objects


  • Extended Optimization Pass on Stalingrad
  • Changed from a fixed streaming pool size to a percentage of available VRAM on all cards
  • Continuous optimization pass on a large number of in-game assets (Too many to list)
  • Reduced frame stutter occurring in Kursk and Carentan caused by PhysX


  • Show the health of a vehicle's components to the player repairing the vehicle
  • Added profanity filter to server names
  • Added "streamer mode" which hides player name, garrison locations and server information from all HUD elements
  • FPS is now limited to 60 in the main menu to avoid 100% GPU usage
  • Commander abilities separated from text chat (ability chat will disappear after 20 seconds and can be disabled in settings)
  • Some hotkeys are now displayed on the HUD when driving vehicles
  • Markers now show a timer on the tactical map
  • Alignment of the HUD compass to the orientation of the tactical map


  • Soviet radio chatter replaced with soviet style morse code sound effect
  • Soviet victory theme added to main menu playlist
  • Adjusted ambient sound on SMDM offensive modes


  • Updated Mosin Animations
  • Improved Kar98 bolting animation

Visual enhancements

  • Screen Space Reflections Enabled


  • [Fixed] Player may crash when joining a server


  • [Fixed] Many sector names in Kursk Warfare are not localized
  • [Fixed] SMDM sector name "Winter's Landing" has no localization
  • [Fixed] Several instances of text missing localization

Server Administration

  • Improved server stability
  • [Fixed] Punish and Switch Team Now RCON commands not working if player is inside a vehicle
  • [Fixed] Sending multiple broadcast messages will cause mid-sentence flashing/starting issues
  • [Fixed] Missing HUD hotkeys in admin camera for zoom in/out and adjust camera speed
  • [Fixed] Long server message that does not contain spaces will not scale correctly on the deploy screen
  • [Fixed] A server message that has too many spaces at the beginning of a line will be reduced to a very small font size
  • [Fixed] When aiming with the Admin camera on a friendly occupied vehicle, the message "No Player Target" is displayed
  • [Fixed] When aiming with the Admin Camera at an enemy occupied vehicle, no player or vehicle information is displayed
  • [Fixed] Admin Camera zoom in/out functionality is reversed

Bug fixes

  • [Fixed] Players cannot deploy MGs on German and Russian level 3 bunkers
  • [Fixed] American truck glass is bulletproof
  • [Fixed] Tracers have incorrect orientation
  • [Fixed] US Outpost shows incorrect shine effect
  • [Fixed] Players can bypass Clan-Tag length limitation
  • [Fixed] Garrisons can be overrun by enemies in critical condition
  • [Fixed] Players of defending team recon units on offensive maps can spawn on outposts in locked enemy territory, killing them
  • [Fixed] Player who places a buildable ghost does not receive any points to upgrade it
  • [Fixed] The PTRS-41 will still inflict hull damage when firing from the turret of light tanks and scout vehicles
  • [Fixed] Throwing grenades with poor network conditions may prevent the player from throwing that type of grenade
  • [Fixed] Players using non-default fonts in their Steam profile name may have invisible names in-game
  • [Fixed] A number of situations can cause the Text Chat window to close automatically
  • [Fixed] The German medium tank does not take damage when firing the cannon with the Russian medium tank's AP shell in a certain area
  • [Fixed] Teammate revive/heal UI sometimes not appearing
  • [Fixed] Bullets can land on the ground when shooting pistols while disabling sprinting and shooting
  • [Fixed] PTRS ball does not produce any hover SFX when passing player
  • [Fixed] Shooting at a specific location behind the MG hull of the T34 will not damage the tank
  • [Fixed] Russian scout vehicle has Ricochet functionality enabled on rear wheels for AP rounds of German light tanks
  • [Fixed] Changing the default "Dashboard" key and pressing the key while in a text chat will open the Dashboard.
  • [Fixed] Changing the default key for "Tagging" and pressing the key while in an open text chat will close the chat window
  • [Fixed] Commanders name is still visible on the in-game HUD when they leave the server during gameplay
  • [Fixed] Soviet machine gunner shoulders get deformed when player deployed their machine gun while prone
  • [Fixed] The main weapon has a vertical position after placing the Russian satchel charge
  • [Fixed] Russian Medic loadouts show different number of Revive uses
  • [Fixed] Movement hotkeys will not work while the map is open if they have returned to arrow keys
  • [Fixed] SFX slider does not change area capture gunshot sound effect
  • [Fixed] Incorrect hand animation when laying down while holding binoculars
  • [Fixed] German reconnaissance tank does not take damage from US AT mine when specific actions are taken.
  • [Fixed] Some submenus in Options become laggy after entering Gamepad submenu
  • [Fixed] There is no suppression of AP shells when standing next to the gun of the German 76mm heavy tank
  • [Fixed] There is no suppression of AP shells when standing next to the gun of the American 76mm heavy tank
  • [Fixed] Players receive 100 support points for the AT gun instead of 50
  • [Fixed] Field Manual page change sound is not controlled by UI Volume slider
  • [Fixed] Climbing/jumping SFX are not controlled by SFX volume slider
  • [Fixed] Smoke from muzzle/artillery gun flickers and appears pixelated after firing
  • [Fixed] Some DLC cosmetics show text indicating they have an unlock level
  • [Fixed] Kursk and Stalingrad maps are missing from the field manual
  • [Fixed] "Increase/Decrease elevation" prompts in artillery hint are reversed
  • [Fixed] Supply crates in the back of the supply truck do not have bullet collision
  • [Fixed] Engineer role does not gain support experience points when allies restock their resupply boxes
  • [Fixed] Player camera dives under the map when pressing spacebar while being revived
  • [Fixed] Selected loadout positions remain highlighted on all roles when clicking on a role
  • [Fixed] AT Gun Ghost has no PFX/SFX when disassembled
  • [Fixed] Overlapping issue when changing seat and turning engine on/off at the same time in a vehicle
  • [Fixed] Missing visual indicator on HUD that shows progress and placement of Small Ammo Box, Medical Supply Box and Explosive Ammo Box
  • [Fixed] Inconsistency between Barricade name when setting up/dismantling it
  • [Fixed] When healing another player, performing a "Jump" action interrupts healing but the injured player's healing progress bar does not reset
  • [Fixed] Inconsistency between Russian Medical Supply Crate and Explosive Ammo Box names when an enemy player tries to dismantle the crates
  • [Fixed] Kick vote prompt flashes for a split second after skipping it
  • [Fixed] Players who join the server while the game is in overtime do not hear the ticking
  • [Fixed] Map hint only shows when closing the map instead of opening it
  • [Fixed] The initial welcome message is offset and moves independently when the player first launches the game
  • [Fixed] Dropping the support role "Supplies Crate" will not count towards the personal stat "Supplies Delivered"
  • [Fixed] "Vehicle proximity" indication is not cleared when entering a vehicle
  • [Fixed] Chat box gets stuck on screen and causes camera issues if opened while deploying
  • [Fixed] "Confirm" and "Back" buttons will remain after clicking them instead of the "Change Role" button on the deploy screen
  • [Fixed] There is no "Leave" or "Leave Server" button on the end game screen
  • [Fixed] "Cancel" and "Change Role" buttons not working during player deployment
  • [Fixed] There is no "Quit" or "Leave Server" button after pressing ESC in the "Personal Stats" menu
  • [Fixed] Personal Stats button will disappear from dashboard if player opens game menu
  • [Fixed] "Leave" and "Leave Server" buttons are missing from the game menu when on the Killed in Action screen
  • [Fixed] Visually incorrect loadout for officers if player deploys then selects new loadout without pressing "Return"
  • [Fixed] Personal Stats UI button disappears at the end of a round after the XP and progress screen appears
  • [Fixed] K98 can spin the bolt faster than normal
  • [Fixed] Ammo Depot only reloads GER Light Tank shells at a rate of approximately 1 round per second
  • [Fixed] There is a ripple effect in the anti-tank gun range caused by PFX smoke when fired
  • [Fixed] Movement hotkeys will not work while the map is open if they have returned to arrow keys
  • [Fixed] When using Hold Crouch, entering prone then releasing Crouch causes the player to stand
  • [Fixed] Russian forward garrisons, on offensive maps where they are the defenders, use the American garrison model
  • [Fixed] Incorrect texture on a sealed pack on the Soviet Garrison model
  • [Fixed] Airhead can appear to hover above the ground after landing
  • [Fixed] Players cannot attach satchel charges to the turret body of tanks
  • [Fixed] Russian truck windows flicker inside with smoke from a smoke grenade.
  • [Fixed] Recon vehicle monitoring is only available within 150 meters
  • [Fixed] [TPP] Player does not crouch when performing the Crouch Sprint animation while holding a gun
  • [Fixed] Artillery reload is canceled when the gunner leaves his seat.
  • [Fixed] Applying the new "Video" setting after a previous reset to defaults results in the newly applied settings not being retained after title relaunch
  • [Fixed] US M1 helmet with M44 scopes has noticeable LOD at close range
  • [Fixed] US emblem is displayed on dashboard on Eastern Front maps in force selection screen
  • [Fixed] Outpost icons of other units are not grayed out while waiting to deploy on the deploy screen
  • [Fixed] IS-1 cannon is misnamed on HUD
  • [Fixed] Options button in game menu is always highlighted
  • [Fixed] Unselected filter buttons appear grayed out when user leaves a server
  • [Fixed] There is repeated text in the Barracks/Change Role menu for two US helmets
  • [Fixed] When "Killed in Action" screen timer ends, Options menu buttons disappear
  • [Fixed] Confirm button on Change Role screen is not highlighted in yellow
  • [Fixed] Player temporarily unable to use text chat if they start typing a message during the respawn timer on the You're Dead screen.
  • [Fixed] Sector resource types are displayed on map key
  • [Fixed] Firing the AT gun triggers the "Vehicle out of ammo" hint
  • [Fixed] Marker coloring is incorrect
  • [Fixed] Loadout gear icon will not stay updated after redeploy
  • [Fixed] Some buttons disappear if the player presses the right mouse button on another role in the "Change role" menu
  • [Fixed] Applying a new "Video" setting after a previous reset to defaults results in the newly applied settings not being retained after relaunching the title
  • [Fixed] Artillery reload is canceled when gunner leaves seat
  • [Fixed] Some buttons disappear if the player presses the right mouse button on another role in the "Change role" menu
  • [Fixed] Permanent and temporary ban prompt messages are displayed in German
  • [Fixed] Player can clip under trucks and take no damage from vehicles from this position
  • [Fixed] RDG-2 Smoke Grenade is thrown under arm when thrown under arm
  • [Fixed] Missing transition animation when players go from crouch running to normal crouch
  • [Fixed] Marker coloring is incorrect
  • [Fixed] Player is locked in a deploy cycle when garrison is overrun
  • [Fixed] B key still performs a melee action after being replaced by another key
  • [Fixed] Artillery Cannon has incorrect bullet collision
  • [Fixed] When prone, Frag and Smoke Grenades sometimes clip through terrain when thrown from underneath.


  • Improvements to the LoDs of several assets
  • [Fixed] Flickering issue present when FX Quality is set to High or Epic and Anti-Aliasing Method is set to FXAA or Disabled
  • [Fixed] Several instances of floating and misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Several assets with incorrect player collision
  • [Fixed] Player can get stuck in a corner behind the fireplace
  • [Fixed] Players can enter some closed house assets
  • [Fixed] Some terrain can change shape when player enters ADS
  • [Fixed] Forward defender garrison is placed inside a destroyed wall
  • [Fixed] Multiple assets with incorrect player and bullet collision
  • [Fixed] Placeholder texture present on specific pot item
  • [Fixed] Several misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Distant smoke plume visual effects will appear in front of some fire visual effects
  • [Fixed] Player footsteps cannot be heard inside the 2 story yellow house
  • [Fixed] Players may fail to deploy when deploying to Russian Medium HQ #3 on Stalingrad Offensive in Germany
  • [Fixed] Players spawning in Soviet side Medium HQ can spawn around 1m in the air


  • [Fixed] Placeholder textures present on the windows of a greenhouse near the Medium German HQ
  • [Fixed] Texture misaligned on terrain feature
  • [Fixed] Texture misaligned in G3 sector
  • [Fixed] The left front garrison of the German team is completely underground

Saint Mary of the Mount

  • Improvements to the LoDs of several assets
  • [Fixed] A specific house asset with LOD issues
  • [Fixed] Invisible collision present above radio tower structure
  • [Fixed] Several instances of floating and misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Strange sunbeam visible in the sky
  • [Fixed] Defenders cannot access the entire first strongpoints of the initial HQ
  • [Fixed] Defenders can push until they reach the attackers HQ if the first point is not captured
  • [Fixed] Players can access the roof of specific buildings
  • [Fixed] Vehicles have collision issues with multiple assets
  • [Fixed] Bushes all over the map have very dark LoD
  • [Fixed] There is a mud bank that has too large a bullet collision volume

Hill 400

  • [Fixed] Rocks do not trigger footstep sound or bullet impact VFX and SFX
  • [Fixed] US Transport truck is present on the medium HQ before capturing the first point, when Top/Bot is the starting HQ
  • [Fixed] Vehicles have collision issues with multiple assets

Omaha Beach

  • [Fixed] Invisible collision present after jumping over a wall
  • [Fixed] Various assets are found floating above ground in Omaha
  • [Fixed] German and US team high and low vehicle list spawns are swapped
  • [Fixed] There is a table inside a building with the Garrison/Outpost shine effect applied to it


  • [Fixed] Draw distance issues seen on multiple assets
  • [Fixed] There is a floating bush on the right side of the map

Small & Medium Entreprises

  • [Fixed] Player has no collision with specific tree asset

Key Known Issues

We have identified the following issues and have already applied a fix in the next update:

  • Sniper scope crosshairs can get misaligned with the scope during certain animations
  • Player hand animation is misaligned when adjusting artillery angle
  • The US Spotter equipped with the “Assault Vest” is identical to the US Support “Assault Vest”

Hell Let Loose is currently available to buy on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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