Hitman 3: Where to find a crowbar in Dartmoor

A Crowbar is an extremely useful tool to have in Hitman 3, and you'll need it for the Dartmoor mission called Death in the Family. There is a murder mystery on this level and several doors to Thornbridge Manor are locked. Some of them have alternate entrances, but others require something to break the lock. A crowbar will get you exactly where you need to go, and luckily it's just hanging around waiting to be taken. Here's where to find a Crowbar in Hitman 3's Dartmoor level.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor crowbar location

There is only one Crowbar on Dartmoor, but it is very easy to find. He is located just outside the greenhouse, behind the mansion, sitting on a stack of boxes. There are gardeners talking about Zachary nearby, so just follow the sound of their voices if you're having trouble finding him.

Once you find the Crowbar, you can pick it up and take it with you without much hassle. It's concealable and fits seamlessly into your inventory, so you won't have to drop important items to pick it up. It also has use outside of opening locked doors. It's a non-lethal melee weapon, so you can use it to quickly pacify guards or workers and acquire a new disguise.

The Crowbar can open any locked door in the house, but be careful that no one sees you performing this illegal action. Most rooms in the house can be accessed by other means, like climbing through a window, but Mr. Fernsby's office needs the crowbar to get in. Fortunately, her room is in a secluded part of the estate that no one patrols, so you can break the lock without fear of discovery. Inside Mr. Fernsby's office is the master key to Thornbridge Manor, so be sure to pick it up so you can access the rest of the building without having to use the crowbar.

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