Hitman developer IO Interactive is expanding with a new studio in Barcelona

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IO Interactive, developer of the popular and critically acclaimed Hitman franchise, continues to thrive since moving away from Square Enix and going independent. The Danish developer recently announced that it is expanding its operations with a brand new studio, opening in the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

"There are exciting times ahead at IO Interactive and I'm proud to announce the next step in our plans for Europe's most desirable games company," IO CEO Hakan Abrak said in a statement. official statement. “IOI Barcelona will become the third studio to join our efforts to create phenomenal experiences for our players and our communities. »

“All three of our studios have extremely talented developers who are passionate and driven to make an impact in our industry. A core part of our philosophy is that everyone at IOI has a meaningful and impactful role to play in making our dreams come true, no matter where they are located. Think of it as one studio, in multiple locations. " 

IOI Barcelona joins the developer's two previous studios, IOI Copenhagen and IOI Malmo, and will be used for the development of current and future versions of IO. This should include Hitman, the exciting James Bond title "Project 007" and an unannounced third IP. IO notes that its three studios should be recognized as “elite,” as all of them will also be focused on developer releases going forward.

By choosing to leave Square Enix to go it alone in development and publishing, IO Interactive has taken a huge risk in a fragile time in the industry. But having since secured the highly sought-after James Bond license, delivered a great release in the form of Hitman 3 and the opening of its new Spanish studio, it looks like that risk has paid off - IO's future seems sunnier than ever.

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