Hot Wheels Unleashed November 3 Patch Notes Elliott Gatica | November 3, 2022 Brings in-game economy balances, AI fixes, and more.

A new update has arrived in Hot Wheels Unleashed. With that comes a plethora of welcome changes and fixes. Biggest of the bunch, and hopefully this will be a way to slowly get rid of inactive players, is improving the game's economy. to avoid unfair shortcuts, but also to make them work much better in terms of flow and recovery.

The patch version is 1.04 on PlayStation 4, 0.1.005 on PlayStation 5, and on Xbox. PC and Switch players do not have a version number. Here are the detailed patch notes below:

Hot Wheels Unleashed November 3 patch notes


1. Fixed AI difficulty being inconsistent across all levels.

  • Due to a bug, AI behavior and performance on all tracks suffered from unpredictability, causing spikes in the challenge at all difficulty levels.


1. Added some checkpoints to tracks that were missing them before.

  • We added a checkpoint to some tracks where it was possible to skip the whole course. Due to this change, we also had to reset the ratings for these affected tracks:
  • Skatepark 1 – College 8 – Garage 1 – Garage 2 – Skyscraper 2

2. Changed some track layouts to make it easier to return to the track after a jump or track section on the environment.

  • We've tweaked some portions of the track slightly, adding ramps to the sides of some connection points. The tracks concerned are:
  • Skatepark 2 – Skatepark 6 – College 6 – Basement 1 – Basement 3 – Garage 3 – Garage 5 – Skyscraper 1 – Skyscraper 5 – Skyscraper 6

Game economy:

1. Improved user experience with Limited Offer Shop.

  • We have increased the number of available vehicles from 5 to 7. Also, the time needed to refresh it has been shortened from 4h to 1h30. Also, we have slightly reduced the chances of finding common cars in this shop . You'll find out about these changes the next time the Limited Offers store is refreshed for your game.


1. Tuned music pitch during boost.

  • Pitch sound effect on background music was activated every time the vehicle started. Now we have limited it to times when the vehicle hits a booster placed on the track.

2. Fixed boost special SFX randomization for the following vehicles:

  • Time machine – KITT

Track builder:

1. Added an information box to the Track Builder with additional useful information.

  • We added some texts with useful information appearing in several circumstances, mainly to inform players when an operation is not available (for example, trying to place an interactive object on a special part or trying to add modules of mode when the build limit is reached) or to remind them of something important (for example, to confirm the change on a module after editing it or to commit the track after completing it).

2. Changed default browsing speed to x3 in Track Builder.

3. Added visual feedback on customizing the selected track in Track Builder.

  • We've added a small checkmark to give players an indication of what customization is actually used for track mods.


1. Added customization options for some basement furniture.

  • Now players can also customize the following furniture:
  • Kitchen: chairs – Kitchen: table – Kitchen: refrigerator – Living room: billiard tablecloth

2. Added the name of customization items used when viewing another user's basement.

  • Now players can check the names of each customization others are using while looking at their basement, making it easier to replicate a particular setup in their own basement.


1. Added light effects to boosted flames (not available on Nintendo Switch).

Other UI/UX:

1. Added an "Environment" filter to the community track selection page.

2. Fixed default focus after opening a Blind Box.

  • The focus of the button no longer moves, which makes it easier to open several boxes in a row.

3. Removed the “on hold” button on some pages where it was not needed.

The affected pages are:

  • First Start: Game Options – First Start: Audio and Image Options – Shop: Opening the Blind Box – Hot Wheels City
  • Rumble: exit

4. Added black background to online timer.

5. Added another warning dialog to profile unlink functionality.

  • Using this feature will delete the player's profile on our servers, resulting in the loss of all associated content, including UGC, game progress, stats. We strongly recommend that you do not use this feature unless you have a very good reason. If in doubt, please contact our customer service before attempting this procedure.


1. Many bug fixes and stability improvements.

PC version only:

1. Added DLSS support for RTX Nvidia graphics cards.

These patch notes were pulled from the official Milestone Hot Wheels Unleashed website. To view the game's patch notes and prequels, you can click here.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games.

– This article was last updated on November 3, 2022

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