How do New World servers work?

Your level, weapon proficiency or titles will all be transferred to your new server. Your inventory contents, storage, rooms, and houses will all be retained, along with your quest progress in the main story of N.

thus Which FR New World server? In short, the 5 country servers de N are: Lyonesse – Vanaheim Omega – FR/ONE. Nysa - Vanaheim Omega - FR/ EN. Bakhu - Vanaheim Omega - FR/IN.

How to know your New World server? To check the status of his server de N, access the official support website here. On the link you will find tabs for each region and a list of servers available. Each server has a symbol next to it to identify sound status.

moreover, When can we play New World?

At what time N is it accessible? The official release of N is set for September 28, 2022. This time it's the right one, the game will not be postponed and is even ready to open its doors.

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When can we change New World servers?

It is indeed since October 21, 2022 that the transfer of character from one world to another is allowed. On the one hand, thanks to the cyclical maintenance of the servers of the massively multiplayer role-playing game developed by Amazon, and on the other hand to the implementation of an update of the MMORPG, which goes to version 1.0.3.

How to change New World server? How to change server on the fact N

  1. First, you need to log in to the character you want to transfer.
  2. Next, there will be a new tab in the in-game store where players can claim their unique Transfer Token.

Where to sell on New World? To buy and to sell objects in N, players will need to use the Trading Post in-game. The Trading Post is the only way for players to purchase and to sell in-game items, as there are no NPC merchants.

How do I get a refund from New World on Steam? Even if the game has been accepted by your contact, will can make a request for refund for this pre-order. If applicable, will will need to ask your contact to initiate the request for refund and authorize the withdrawal of the game from his account Steam.

When does the New World beta end?

When to will end the new world beta? The players of N will have almost four full days to explore Aeternum and play the game with this last test period before the official release of N. On September 13 at 6:59 a.m., the servers se will close and player progress will be deleted.

How to participate in the New World beta? Comment register for the beta ?

  1. Go to the page of N in the Steam store.
  2. Scroll down to section " Participate à N Open Beta »
  3. Click on “Request access”
  4. Wait for confirmation of participation by email.

What is the purpose of New World?

Ce are the players here take charge of their own adventure – although it won't be without the classic quests. The starting formula is still based on a very specific objective: the conquest of Aeternum. Besides the creatures to be exterminated, the but exploration is above all the establishment of colonies.

How do I change servers on New World? How to change servers on New World

  1. First, you need to log in to the character you want to transfer.
  2. Next, there will be a new tab in the in-game store where players can claim their unique Transfer Token.

How to do a server migration?

Overall, the migration se have in a few steps which are as follows: Prepare your old system disk for migration. Do a copy of the system disk of the server virtual you want migrate. Create a new server as well as a new data disk in a different data center.

When can we change New World servers?

Since October 19 and the deployment of update 1.0.3, it is possible to transfer your character from one world to another in N, after long weeks of waiting. For it, will will will connect with your in-game character, and therefore wait in the queue if there is one.

How to make Gold New World? Here is comment earn money fast in N on PC:

  1. Browse goods for sale at trading posts in the game.
  2. Try to identify an actionable gap in the market.
  3. Loot or craft relevant resources and/or items.
  4. Find a settlement with low tax rates.

How to get a refund from New World? Assistance N

After release, games developed and/or published by Amazon Games and purchased from Amazon may no longer doing the object neither of a return nor of a refund.

How do I cancel Steam Preorder?

Simply login to your user account Steam on this page, select the order that you wish cancel and the type of problem encountered, then click on the "I would like to request a refund" button.

How do I get a New World beta key? Comment get access to the beta key de N

Head to the New World "Become a Tester" registration page, log in with an Amazon account and register on the page. Amazon will send an email confirming the queue placement.

How do I play the New World Alpha?

In order to activate a key Alpha, the winners will have to create or have created a STEAM account then connect to the platform, enter their key Alpha received and follow the on-screen instructions to recover their access to theAlpha. Once the game is installed, the winners will be able to play to the version New World Alpha.

How to repair your New World weapon? For réparer armor and poor with spare parts you will need to right click on un damaged element and press réparer or the R key and the left mouse button. This will bring up a prompt similar to when you want to recover something.

What class in New World?

There is no classes in-game. As you gain experience and level up like many players are used to in other MMO games, attribute and skill points can be distributed freely in whatever way you wish. privilege.

How to play Heal New World? The basis of the build Heal on the fact N goes through the stick of life. Thanks to him, the player obtains many support skills to protect and heal his allies. However, embarking on the adventure as a healer often means being difficult to progress alone.

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