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From Dratini to Hydreigon, there's a diverse range of Dragon-type Pokémon to catch Pokémon ALL. Dragon-type Pokemon have been around in the franchise since the revered series began. This guide article will follow the format of our other articles on catching different types of Pokémon and will walk you through tips and advice on how to start catching Dragon-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

I need those Pokémon! How can I get them?

There are tons of methods you can follow to start catching Dragon-type Pokémon for your collection of adorable Pokémon. First, the primary method is to search for the particular set of Pokemon on particularly windy days (especially near water), gusty, or foggy when more players have mentioned being able to catch Dragon Pokemon on days like these. However, always be careful and be careful when going out in windy weather, never put yourself in risky areas, your safety comes first.

Confirmed locations for Dragon-type spawn locations are areas such as landmarks, towns, and parks. Along with that, players have noted that it can be quite difficult to find this type of Pokemon, but with determination and preparation, you'll be sure to pick them up quickly!

Another method to catch the Pokémon is to trade with your friends for the ones they have already caught. To do this, meet your friend and be at least 100 meters away from them, then go to the trading screen by tapping on your trainer profile. Go to the friends tab and open the list, tap the desired partner to trade with, then tap the trade button to enter the trading screen.

From that point on, your partner can decide which Pokémon they want to trade with you, and then you can get whatever dragon-type Pokémon you want if it's very hard to find just through gameplay mechanics. The HP, CP, and The Pokemon's other notable stats are adjusted when you trade relative to what they are for your partner. This will be presented to you before the trade on screen.

The list of dragon-type Pokémon available

For players wondering how many Dragon-type Pokemon there are inside Pokemon GO check them off their list; here is the list of purely Dragon-type Pokémon and the mixture of elemental types. They are the following:

Pure Dragon-type Pokemon

  • Dratint
  • Car
  • Dragonair
  • Shelgon
  • Ax
  • Fracture
  • Haxorus
  • dismal
  • Sliggoo
  • goodra

A mix of Dragon-type Pokémon and other Elemental-type Pokémon

  • Exeggutor — Grass/Dragon
  • Dragonite — Dragon/Flight
  • Kingdra — Water/Dragon
  • Vibrava—Earth/Dragon
  • Flygon - Terre / Dragon
  • Altar - Dragon / Vol
  • Salamence — Dragon/Vol
  • Latias — Dragon/Psychic
  • Latios — Dragon/Psychic
  • Rayquaza—Dragon/Flight
  • Gible—Dragon/Earth
  • Gabite—Dragon/Earth
  • Garchomp—Dragon/Earth
  • Dialga — Steel/Dragon
  • Palkia — Water/Dragon
  • Giratina—Ghost/Dragon
  • Deino - Darkness / Dragon
  • Zweilous — Dark/Dragon
  • Hydreigon – Darkness/Dragon
  • Reshiram — Dragon/Feu
  • Zekrom — Dragon/Electric
  • Kyurem - Dragon / Glace
  • Dragalge — Poison/Dragon
  • Noibat — Flight/Dragon
  • Noivern — Flight/Dragon

This is the complete list of Dragon-type Pokémon to collect at the time of writing. Each has their own unique characteristics that really set them apart from the crowd.

Are you going to hunt these Pokémon in the world?

Pokémon Go is available for free download now on IOS and Android.

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