How to create a Premium account on DEEZER for free

How to create a Premium account on DEEZER for free

Currently, Deezer is one of the best and most popular apps that can be installed on mobile devices like Android smartphones or tablets.

The Premium version of this application has the ability to listen to all the music you want without any limitations, i.e. without ads or interruptions of any kind.

Even in a few years, Deezer has managed to position itself as a better alternative than the famous Spotify Premium, which already tells us a lot about the potential of this application and how much it will continue to grow in the years to come thanks to its excellent free music content service.

Thanks to Deezer Premium you can have access to a large amount of music, whether to listen to it on a mobile phone or an Android tablet.

You will be able to listen to the artist and the songs you want, so you can generate a wide variety of playlists with all kinds of musical content.

In this way, in a very short time, Deezer has managed to become, together with Spotify, one of the most used applications for downloading music on Android mobile devices.

Unfortunately, as to be expected, this service has a cost that must be covered, which may be a bit excessive for some people, so any alternative that can help us enjoy our favorite services when we do not have enough resources is always welcome. economic.


Next, we are going to present you with an instruction guide with a series of steps to follow so that you can enjoy a Deezer Premium account completely free of charge, without advertising and with all the unlimited options available to you.

1 To start, the first thing you will have to do is activate the function that allows you to install unknown sources on your mobile phone, and which is available through the following procedures:

“Settings → Security → Unknown Sources or Unknown Sources → Enable the option to install apps from unknown sources. »

After completing this first step, you can now install the Deezer APK to start enjoying its benefits, a process we'll go over in the following sections.

The Deezer APK is a download that you can download for free from the start and its purpose is that with it you can make a modification of the original Deezer Premium app.

To do this, all you have to do is access the page that provides you with the Deezer Premium APK download link, which will allow you to access all the functions included in the Premium version of Deezer. The main APK download pages are APKmirror, APKpure or from the Play Store

When you download the APK version of Deezer, you can see that by browsing the app, it contains basically the same functions as Deezer Premium.

It is slightly edited in such a way that you don't have to pay for it like you would with the original version.

Once inside the APK you can navigate through the different functions similar to the Deezer Premium version, which includes, of course, the search for the most popular songs, the most shared playlists between users from Deezer.

As well as the possibility of creating your own multimedia libraries where you can find your favorite songs so that you can organize and list them as you wish, and thus be able to create your own playlists with all your favorite Deezer content.


Best of all is that when you enter the APK interface, you will realize that it is actually very simple and easy to use.

Nothing complicated, so you can easily perform each of the following actions without any problem:

  • Download your favorite music so you can listen to it without needing an internet connection.
  • Improve audio quality in every aspect, so you can always listen to your favorite songs with the best sound available.
  • Have all of Deezer's premium features at your fingertips without having to cover the cost of a subscription.
  • The ability to enjoy entire playlists of music without having to be interrupted by any kind of advertising in between.
  • You can create all kinds of mixes with your playlists, search them by your favorite artists or also enjoy the lyrics of their songs without having to encounter any limitation.



It is a downloader for computers and it is one of the best alternative options to download free music from Deezer.

You just have to download it from its website, and after installing it on your computer, you can load the song or any playlist you want from Deezer

Once the selected option is loaded, you can now start your recording via the record button present on the interface of this program.

To do this, it is recommended to first press the record option and then play the song.

Once the song is finished, you can stop the recording and tap the option to save it to your computer or to the program's library.


This other alternative consists of an extension for Chrome. After successfully downloading and installing it, you need to open Deezer and search for the songs you want to download.

Then you just have to play them and then go to the Deezify icon which is at the top of the extensions bar. It's that simple, you can download the songs you want to your computer.


This other program also allows you to download Deezer songs, although it has a peculiarity, since in addition to working as a recorder, it also serves as an audio editor.

The only problem would be that this program only works with a WAV or AIFF audio file form.

As you may have noticed, there are several methods to enjoy songs and music themes from Deezer app for free.

It's just a matter of choosing the one that suits you best and in no time you will have Deezer's unlimited catalog at your fingertips.

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