How to enable 120 FPS in Warzone on PS5

The latest Call of Duty: Warzone update added 120Hz support on PS5, and players can now enjoy the game at 120 FPS provided they have the right gear. With the right monitor and cable, Warzone's frame rate will become double what it was before without any downside to resolution or graphics. Here's how to enable 120 FPS in Call of Duty: Warzone on PS5.

How to play Warzone at 120 FPS on PS5

As long as your system settings are configured to allow 120Hz output in other games, Warzone should run at 120 FPS by default on PS5 after installing the latest update. Here are the steps to get Warzone running at 120Hz.

  1. Go to PS5 System Settings.
  2. Go to the Screen and Video section and scroll to the bottom of the Video Output page.
  3. Set “Enable 120Hz Output” to Automatic.
  4. Go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings.
  5. Change "Game Presets" to Performance mode.

Setting to Enable 120hz output is usually all it takes to get 120 FPS support in games that have it, but going the extra step and putting your game preset into Performance mode will ensure that Warzone performs well. runs at the correct frame rate.

What do you need for the 120Hz Warzone?

To enjoy Warzone at 120hz, you need to have the right gear. It's not a long list of equipment, but you need everything on the list to make it work.

  • A screen with 120hz support
  • An HDMI 2.1 cable

As long as your TV/monitor supports 120Hz, you can get 120 FPS in Warzone as long as you use an HDMI 2.1 cable. The cable that came with the PS5 should do the trick, but be sure to purchase the correct type of HDMI cable if you decide to purchase a new one. Although the Warzone patch notes state that an HDMI 2.1 cable is required, you can still get by with a simple HDMI 2.0 cable. However, you will need to lower your PS5 screen resolution to 1080p for this to work. An HDMI 2.1 cable will give you 120 FPS at 4K, while an older HDMI cable can only get 120 FPS at 1080p.

Call of Duty: War Zone is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

– This article was last updated on: June 17, 2022

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