How to sell a skin on League of Legend?

It is possible to be reimbursed for purchases of skins or champions on League of Legends! To do this, go to the store, to the account tab and then to the "Purchase history" tab. You can then be reimbursed for up to 3 purchases, but be careful, you won't get one more!

so How to Disenchant a champion lol? Each fragment of champion may be disenchanted to get 20% of the original price of the champion in blue gasoline. Improve a fragment of champion with blue essences costs 60% of the price champion.

How do I get a refund for a skin in Valorant? If you evolve a skin weapon, it can no longer be reimbursed. To request a refund, you just need to go to this place. To consult your purchase history, it's here. If you have any problems or have a question, you can always /submit a request to Support below.

moreover, How to earn blue essences quickly lol?

The fastest way to harvest Blue Essence is to pass levels. You get a Champion Capsule each time you level up. By opening the champion capsule, you get champions that you can disenchant for 90, 270, 630, 960, 1260 and 1560 Blue Essence, depending on the champion's cost.

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How to get blue essence easily?

The fastest way to get fastblue gasoline is to disenchant the champion shards you earn.

How to use orange essence lol? How to use the gasoline by orange

  1. Creating Skins in the Hextech Store: You will need Orange Gasoline to transform skin fragments into skin permanents. …
  2. Unlock Eternals: If you find a set of Eternals, you can unlock it with Orange Gasoline .

How do I get a refund for a VALORANT purchase? Method of Valuable refund Skin:

Look for the “My Order History” tab. After clicking on it, a list of all your achats will appear with a button Refund next to it, click on it and the game will launch the client Valuing with a quick patch and your items will be refunded.

How do I buy VALORANT skins? The easiest method for get skins of weapons is the purchase in the in-game store. Players must the purchase points VALUE for the purchase the skins of the shop. There are skins that correspond to all types of budgets.

How to get LoL rare gem?

Obtaining rare gems

The rare gems can be obtained in various ways: Open a Hextech Chest or a Vestment Chest with a Hextech Key. There is a 3,6% chance of getting one. During all the events that have taken place since 2022, he has always had rare gems at stake.

How do I create a Riot Game account? What information do I need to open a Riot account ? You need an address e-mail and your date of birth. For League, you must also create a username and password. This information ensures that your compte is exclusively yours!

How to get the VALORANT Go Vol 1 knife?

Comment get the skins of knives on the fact VALUE

Skins can be purchased for the low price of 1 750 points and arrive randomly in the shop when she changes her offer. Weapon skins rotate through the store daily, but knives usually appear less often.

How to get the VALORANT butterfly knife? For get the butterfly knife, players can either purchase the Recon Pack for 7 VP or purchase the couteau individually for 3550 VP, which is a higher price.

How do I pay in VALORANT?

Open the game store in the top right menu. Scroll right through the modes payment , select the “Prepaid card” option.

How to get a chest in LOL?

The coffers can be opened via the Hextech tab. But before opening a chest, the players must avoir a key. Keys can still be purchased from the client's store, but for those who wish to save their money can also forge their keys by combining three key fragments.

How to get Skin fragments lol? If you want to expand your collection on league of legends, know that every month, it is possible to recover a free fragment de skin, or even more thanks to Prime Gaming.

How to get Hextech keys lol? The fragments of key are the components needed to make the hextech keys, And hextech keys are needed to unlock chests hextech. Combine three fragments of key and you will create a hextech key.

How to install the Riot client?


  1. Go to folder C: Riot GAMES league of legends and delete the directory called "Config". …
  2. Now double click on LeagueClient.exe, located in the directory of league of legends .
  3. Click on the launch button as soon as it is available.

How do I change my Riot Game nickname? Open the account management interface Riot with this link. From the menu, select Riot ID (pseudo + Hashtag displayed in Valorant and other games). Click the edit button to the right of Riot ID. Then enter the new Riot ID (Username in Valuing).

How to change account lol?

First press the cross at the top right of the launcher. You will then see a confirmation pop-up window that will ask you if you want to exit the client or log out.

How does the Valorant store work? The purchases in the shop are done with PV, themselves purchased via real-world payment platforms. The items on display change regularly. If you are interested in a complete lot, the collections are renewed every weekend.

Where can I find Valorant cards?

The maps prepaid gift from VALUE are only available online through Amazon at this time. When you buy one, you will receive a unique code which acts as your carte.

How to get a Valorant code? Comment use a queues in Valuing

  1. Log in to the game client VALUE .
  2. Click on the icon VALUE located to the right of the Store tab.
  3. Select Maps and codes prepaid.
  4. Enter the queues provided for your card.
  5. Tap Submit.
  6. Enjoy your points VALUE .

How to create a Valorant account?

You need an address e-mail and your date of birth. For League, you must also create a username and password. This information ensures that your compte is exclusively yours!

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