Hungrybox, the pro Smash Bros. player, asks Nintendo again to support the pro Smash scene

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This time it's after his victory at Smash Summit 9 last weekend

The argument "Should Nintendo support a growing Super Smash Bros. pro scene?" been raging for some time now. Over a decade in fact, if you cut it all back to the release and success of Melee.

In recent years, the pros have started to spread more and more, including one of the top contenders right now: Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma. Last month, he said he wanted Nintendo to directly support the pro scene, and he used another win at Smash Summit 9 last weekend to give his appeal another shot.

In the following video shared from his personal YouTube channel, Hungrybox says, "If anyone at Nintendo is watching right now and sees the excitement these sets can get and all the stuff. Give it a shot. to Melee. Even if it's just Ultimate, support the Smash scene in general."

Hungrybox continues, noting "we do everything from scratch" and that "Nintendo, you're the only one not putting money into the scene". He continues to call it a "shot in the dark", but cites Capcom and Epic Games (along with Fortnite) as companies supporting their own games with tournaments.

The thing is, Nintendo is in a position where the game sells nearly 20 million copies without putting a penny into the grassroots pro scene. While the medium could boost their sales and the legacy of the series itself, Nintendo is a "wait and see" type of company about almost everything. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes they develop an in-game paid online component that's almost a decade behind the competition.

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