Is FIFA 22 cross-platform?

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The latest entry from EA Sports, FIFA 22 is finally upon us. The annual October release of the annual football simulation game joins new football seasons starting with new transfers, Career Mode and Pro Club adjustments, and a plethora of Ultimate Team content. However, one of the biggest questions being asked is whether EA's latest game has crossplay as an available feature in the many next-gen editions available?

Is FIFA 22 cross-platform?

Unfortunately, FIFA 22 has no cross-platform capability. Although there are PlayStation 4 and 5 editions available for purchase, neither of these editions allow players to compete against or play with each other, this same concept also applies to the Xbox versions of the game. Upgrading to next-gen versions is still present, but it's the only option available when it comes to family from one console generation to another.

However, there is a pretty big chance and also at the same time an opportunity, that EA could introduce the option of Cross-Play in future titles, as it is becoming more and more common among games. Popular titles such as Call Of Duty and Fortnite are just two examples of games that have embraced the Cross-Platform formula. It will also massively increase the popularity of FIFA, being able to play with friends on other systems whenever they want would be a huge bonus for fans of the already in-demand title.

FIFA 22 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

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