Is Monster Hunter Rise coming to PlayStation and Xbox?

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Is Monster Hunter Rise coming to PlayStation and Xbox? is a question many console gamers have been asking since the developers announced a PC port for the game. It's been almost a year since Capcom released the game and it's the sixth main installment in the franchise after Monster Hunter. Universe in 2022.

The game was a big hit on Nintendo Switch and speaking to GamesRadar, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said "we've also decided to go ahead with a PC version", which saw its release on Steam. on 12 2022. Tsujimoto even said fan feedback was the reason for the game's release on PC. Here's everything we know about whether or not Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PlayStation and Xbox.

Is Monster Hunter Rise coming to PlayStation?

Currently Monster Hunter Rise is only available on Nintendo Switch and PC and the developers have not shared any plans to bring the game to PS5 or PS4. The game will be one year old in March this year and players might hear some amazing announcements then. Capcom just released a PC port and if Capcom sees enough demand for the game among PlayStation gamers, then a port for PlayStation consoles could be on the cards.

Until then, PlayStation gamers will have no choice but to wait for the port or play the game on Nintendo Switch or PC each time it releases.

Is Monster Hunter Rise coming to Xbox?

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Rise is not currently available on Xbox and it may be a while before we see the Xbox version of the game. However, with a PC port of the game coming soon, Xbox gamers shouldn't lose hope. Developers will be busy with the recent PC port, among other things, and it might be a while before Capcom and Microsoft come up with something.

The game was developed with the Nintendo Switch in mind and in an interview Capcom stated that "We feel that by releasing it on a handheld console we've made it much more accessible, much further east to pick up and play. The developers further stated that the game is best enjoyed on Switch as players can access it anytime, do some quests or other things.

Monster hunter rise is currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC. The PC version of the title can be brought exclusively on Steam, for $59,99 USD.

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