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Life is Strange: True Colors continues Dontnod's emotional interactive adventure series, placing you in the free space of Alex Chen, a young newcomer to a small Colorado mining town. After a traumatic event, there's a mystery to solve and lots of new friends to meet along the way. Alex Chen, like the other LiS protagonists, has a paranormal ability. She can read people's minds with the power of empathy - this not only allows her to read minds, she will also feel what they are feeling, even copying their contractions exactly. Not exactly the best power in the world to wield, but handy if you're investigating a mystery.

And like other games in the Life is Strange series, there are collectibles to be found. Each collectible has its own achievement/trophy, and if you're 100% aiming for the game, you just need to complete each chapter while collecting these secret items. There are five collectibles in each chapter, and we have the locations listed while trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

If you miss collectibles, you can replay via Chapter selection, find the collectible you may have been missing from the list below, then quit to earn the collectable achievements/trophies.

Memories are special hidden events that are triggered by specific objects in the environment. To trigger a memory, you must use your capacity for empathy [[L2 / BT]on the items listed below.

Chapter 1

  • Memory #1: Letter from Riley – In Gabe's apartment, check letter on the desk.
  • Memory #2: Crack – Still in the apartment, check the hallway for a “crack” under the neon Stalker sign, next to the small bookshelf.
  • Memory #3: Calling Card – At the bar, go behind the bar – it's to the right of the blue monitor.
  • Memory #4: Helmet – At the mining area at the end of the chapter, when you visit at night, look for a helmet on the ground to the left of the door.
  • Memory #5: Telephone – On the way to the silo, you will stop at a processing facility while exploring the mine at night. Immediately after entering, turn around and check the phone.

Chapter 2

  • Memory #6: Button – At the beginning of the chapter, go up to the roof and check the garden. In the gardener near the ledge you will find a button that you can interact with.
  • Memory #7: Rent Check – Go down to the empty bar and check behind the counter. Near the sink is a rent check.
  • Memory #8: Umbrella – Still in the bar, head to the toilet at the back. Next to the EXIT, there is an umbrella on the coat rack.
  • Memory #9: Gummies - Go to the weed dispensary and empathize with the candies in the back room - they're on the right as you enter.
  • Memory #10: T-shirt – Finally, walk down the main street to the flower shop. The t-shirt is in an open cabinet on the left, near the ground.

chapter 3

  • Memory #11: Bomber and – Back at the bar, check the coat rack near the toilet. It's in the same place as the umbrella in chapter 2.
  • Memory #12: Appointment Sheet – After getting dressed for the LARP, you can return to Gullweather's Tavern. In front, near the big bloodstain, you can find this piece of paper on the ground.
  • Memory #13: Old Paper – During the quest, returning to the bar, a new collectible will appear in the pool room. Look on the table to the left as you enter.
  • Memory #14: Valkyrie's Dish – Continuing the LARP adventure, you will eventually return to the record store. Inside, look on a shelf near the ground to the left of the glowing guitar car. The shelf is behind the counter.
  • Memory #15: Dollar – Found on the ground on the way to the king. This dollar can only be used after all quests have been completed. Make sure you don't walk too far down the path - right after the dollar you can trigger a cutscene that causes you to miss.

Chapter 4

  • Memory #16: Pressed Rose – Back in your apartment at night, once you have taken control, turn around and look at the pressed rose in a picture frame, hanging on the wall above the kitchen table.
  • Memory #17: Micro – Progress until you arrive at the Night Festival. Once you have control, turn around and check behind the concert stage. There is a microphone on the stage floor behind the red curtains.
  • Memory #18: Drum kit – Easy. The drum kit is right on the band's main stage, you can't miss it.
  • Memory #19: Polaroid – Before you get the rose to complete the chapter, go back to the bar and go to the bathroom one more time. Check the Polaroid hanging on the wall next to the women's restroom.
  • Memory #20: CIT Sticker - Again, don't complete the chapter yet. From the main street, walk down to the flower shop. Before the bridge, look on the side of the shop where all the small planters are displayed. On the glass of the greenhouse there is a sticker that you can scan.

Chapter 5

  • Memory #21: Mom's Keys - In the hospital room, check the keys on the counter next to the bathroom door, opposite the bed.
  • Memory #22: Calling Card – Later, you will enter a house while two people are loudly arguing outside. Enter the small kitchen and look at the small table in front of the fridge in the corner.
  • Memory #23: Guitar Strings – Spawning in the Orphanage Dorm, check the bunk beds for a set of Guitar Strings.
  • Memory #24:Pendant – This collectible is a must-have. As you progress through the story, in the mine shaft, you will find this pendant under a pile of rocks and trigger a memory.
  • Memory #25: Bomber and – The latest collectible is back in your apartment. You will find the jacket hanging from a kitchen table chair.

To find all 25 collectibles, you will unlock the achievement/trophy for completing all collectibles for all chapters.

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