Life is Strange: True Colors: All the Major Picks in Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Life is Strange: True Colors is filled with choices big and small. Even though this is the first episode, some of the decisions you make here will have consequences later on, even if you won't decide your ending or something that early in the game. Still, here are all the choices highlights from Chapter 1 of Life is Strange: True Colors.

All Chapter 1 choices in Life is Strange: True Colors

Ethan's secret plans

The first important decision you can make in the first chapter concerns Ethan's secret plans. You can either tell Gabe about Ethan's planned trip to the mine or keep it a secret. Either way, Ethan keeps going all the way.

Mac and Riley's argument

After Gabe and Mac's altercation in the apartment upstairs, Riley comes to investigate. You can either tell her the truth and tell her what really happened or stay out of it. If you tell her the truth, she'll break up with Mac. If you stay out of it, they will stay together.

Talk to Gabe about your power

This choice does not affect anything outside of your relationship with Gabe. When you talk to him on the roof, you can clearly state your power of empathy or just talk about Alex's difficult time in foster care.

Hug or shake?

This choice affects nothing but your relationship with Gabe, and even then, not by much. You can either go for a hug or just choose to shake hands instead.

Riley's interview

Riley is trying to get into college and she asks Alex for advice on her interview. You can either encourage her to be honest or tell her to show up. Neither option has any effect on Riley's chances.

Talk to Ryan about Gabe

Ryan asks Alex about Gabe at the record store, and you can choose what kind of story to tell about him. You can either choose to say he was a jerk or he was a badass. Neither option leads to a different result.

Feelings about Haven

While talking to Charlotte at the Black Lantern bar, she will ask how Alex feels about living in Haven. You can either express optimism or pessimism about your new life situation, or tell her you're not sure how you feel. Neither option affects anything.

The broom guitar

When Alex arrives at Gabe's apartment, the two will have a good old fashioned jam session. You can play broom guitar, or you can watch Gabe swing. Neither option affects anything.

Small interactions

In this chapter, you can place sunglasses on the gnome in the flower shop, stop and listen to music in the record store, and find evidence of Gabe's search for Alex by snooping around the apartment. . None of them have any real effects, but they appear in the post-episode summary.

Lying about being a Sever

Gabe told Jed that Alex worked as a waiter at a restaurant. You can either be honest with Jed and tell him Gabe was lying, or accept the story and fake it until you realize it. If you lie and misbehave, Jed will find out. If you're honest, he won't be upset.

Playing guitar

When Alex gets the guitar, you can either tell Gabe she loves playing the guitar, or admit that Alex's playing skills are a little rusty. Neither option affects anything.

Server performance

Depending on your performance as a server, Jed will have different reactions. He may either be impressed with your work, or not impressed with your work, or find out that Alex has never been a server before if you lied to him earlier. Neither result has important consequences.

The jukebox game

Steph is at one of the tables in the bar and you can play a guessing game with her. There are only two outcomes: win or lose. You can also avoid playing the game entirely to focus on serving. This choice does not affect anything.

Riley and Mac

Depending on your choices throughout the chapter, Riley and Mac can go their separate ways or stay together. This choice will affect their relationship going forward, as well as some minor dialogue between them and Alex later on.

Whisky de Duckie

Duckie and Gabe had a wild night of drinking, and it's up to you to find his whiskey in this optional side quest. There are only two results: you can either find Duckie's whiskey or you can't find it. This will slightly affect your relationship with Duckie.

Life is Strange: True Colors is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. A Nintendo Switch version will arrive later this year.

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