Minecraft: all potion recipes

Potions are a useful tool to have under your belt when exploring the world in Minecraft, so here is a list of all the potion recipes currently in the game. This list will be broken down by how the potion itself is prepared, as some potions require a more involved process than others to create. All potions will also require the Brewing Stand to be firepowered, so make sure you have some on hand before you begin.

Base/Modifier Ingredients

No matter what potion you want to brew, there are a few consistent things that can be done or must be done for all potions that are made. So here are those universal ingredients. Note that potion modifiers only work when added to the final potion and should not be added at the start. Failure to do so will result in the creation of a mundane potion, which does nothing.

  • Nether Wart - Creates a clumsy potion, which is the base for all other potions
  • Redstone Dust – Extends the duration of a potion
  • Glowstone Dust – Makes a potion stronger
  • Gunpowder – Turns a potion into a splash potion
  • Dragon's Breath - Turns a splash potion into a lingering potion

Normal potion types

Once you have a goofy potion at the bottom of your brewing stand, you can start brewing potions that have real effects tied to them.

  • Sparkling Melon Slice – Healing Potion
  • Magma Cream – Fire Resistance Potion
  • Ghast's Tear - Regeneration Potion
  • Blaze Powder – Strength Potion
  • Sugar – Potion of Speed
  • Golden Carrot – Night Vision Potion
  • Fermented Spider Eye – Potion of Invisibility
  • Puffer Fish - Water Breathing Potion
  • Rabbit's Foot - Jump Potion
  • Ghost Membrane – Slow Fall Potion
  • Spider Eye – Poison Potion
  • Turtle Shell – Potion of the Turtle Master

Complex Potion Recipes

Some of the potions with more negative effects have different potion recipes compared to normal potions. You can't just craft them directly from a clumsy potion, and instead they have to be crafted using other types of potions. This means you need to brew a potion with a good effect and then add a Fermented Spider's Eye to create a new potion.

  • Water Bottle + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Weakness
  • Healing Potion + Fermented Spider Eye = Nuisance Potion
  • Poison Potion + Fermented Spider Eye = Nuisance Potion
  • Potion of Speed ​​+ Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Slowness
  • Leap Potion + Fermented Spider Eye = Slow Potion

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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