Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.20 Patch Notes (

Update 1.20 has arrived for Minecraft dungeons, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Developers Mojang Studios and Double Eleven have now released a brand new update for Minecraft Dungeons which should be rolling out now for all platforms. On PS4 the patch number is 1.20, although officially it is recognized as

This patch was released on August 11 and contains many bug fixes. Be warned though as the patch notes contain spoilers from the recently released Echoing Void DLC. If you haven't finished the DLC yet, you might not want to read the full patch notes.

Along with gameplay fixes, several graphical and UI improvements have also been made to the game. Subtitles should also now appear correctly in all segments of the game.

Anyway, you can read the full patch notes below.

Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.20



  • Daily trials now spawn for Echo Void missions (MCD-6351)
  • Fixed Shulker projectiles not going up stairs (MCD-6328)
  • Fixed excessive popping that occurred when gliding with Elytra in local co-op, so now it's a smooth flight
  • Added a short delay to the Echoing Void opening cutscene so it cannot be mistakenly skipped
  • End Tower sub-dungeon can now only be spawned once on End Wilds
  • Fixed a chest that could not be reached on Cacti Canyon due to collisions on the tile
  • It is no longer possible to pass through the Diamond Gate in the End Wilds mission, which made the mission uncompleted
  • Fixed an arena fight that could be skipped on the Shattered Citadel so it can no longer be skipped
  • Fixed an arena fight in The Stronghold that could not be completed if Silverfish fell off the edge
  • Pillar of Wind Arena on Gauntlet of Gales can no longer be skipped
  • Fixed the Stronghold Great Gate not appearing for Clients in Online Multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed an area of ​​the Shattered Citadel that blocked player view and navigation
  • Fixed Vengeful Heart of Ender reel attack when player is not in arena
  • Fixed the “Burning Up” achievement not being unlocked by Clients in Online Multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed the “Burning Up” achievement being unlocked after completing only one of the unlock criteria


  • Subtitles now appear for all supported languages ​​in intro cinematics for Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, and Flames of the Nether
  • Fixed Echoing Void final cutscene subtitles not being translated into all supported languages
  • "Slow" status effect text is now localized for all supported languages
  • Fixed some text strings for mission objectives not appearing correctly


  • Fixed some issues with players clipping through the
  • Arrows no longer flash when stuck in Old Town Hall walls on Pumpkin Pastures
  • Rain appears again on Soggy Swamp when playing on Nintendo Switch
  • Water in the Endersent Sighting area of ​​Soggy Swamp now appears correctly when playing on Nintendo Switch

User interface

  • Weird blue background no longer appears on hero upload/download screens (MCD-6336)
  • The Ender Eye count on the map screen no longer disappears until the eyes are placed in the End Portal.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to interact with the Ancient Hunt mission voting prompt on the second and all subsequent votes when using a controller
  • Scuttling Torment now has its own icon on Ancient Hunt screens
  • The icon for Vexing Chant now appears correctly when viewing mission rewards
  • Fixed the objective marker disappearing in some areas of The Stronghold mission
  • Getting kicked out of an online session while watching the Echoing Void intro cinematic no longer causes graphical issues on the Hero Select screen
  • Stun icon no longer appears indefinitely when fighting Blight Eye Endersent
  • Void Quiver arrow icon is now consistent across all platforms

Previous updates
These changes were fixed in previous updates but were not listed in previous patch notes

  • Added five new Ancient mobs to Ancient Hunts (for Hidden Depths and Resonating Void)
  • Fixed an issue where item power on end of mission rewards was sometimes lower than intended (maximum item cap was increased slightly)

The official patch notes were originally posted on the game's site. Minecraft Dungeons is now available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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