Minecraft: How to make a composter | Bone Meal Guide

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Want endless piles of bone meal and friendlier farmer villagers in your Minecraft world? Composters can help with this. These new tools allow you to dispose of unwanted organic matter (food, plants, mushrooms, etc.) in the composter. Throw enough junk there and you'll get a free Bonemeal. Bone meal is an essential ingredient for dyes, and it can be used to make your plants grow faster – you know, if you're tired of waiting for sugarcane.

Crafting a composter is incredibly easy and can be done right from the start of any Minecraft adventure. It's even more useful as a Farmer Villager tool. Not all villages have farms that you can loot freely, so if you want to grow your villagers, you'll need to drop a composter - any villager without work will claim the composter and start farming! Now that's good business.

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How to make a composter

A Composter is a placeable tool that can generate bone meal by filling it with plant or food material. Almost any organic material can be used in the composter. Place a composter in a village will also allow any village NPC to get the farmer work.

Build a composter, use any wood slab and configure it in a U-shaped like the manufacturing chart below. Any type of wood can be used.

Wood Slab [Any] Wood Slab [Any]
Wood Slab [Any] Wood Slab [Any]
Wood Slab [Any] Wood Slab [Any] Wood Slab [Any]

Place the composter, then use any organic matter (mushrooms, food, anything you can grow) in the composter. Some items will fill a composter faster. Once a composter is completely full, you can collect 1 bone meal.

The most common and useful items to fill a compost bin are wheat, potatoes (baked potatoes), carrots and mushrooms – these are easy to find items that can be grown and harvested efficiently in your house. Mushroom blocks are also very good, so if you find a mushroom biome, harvest all you can!

What's better with composters? You can create village farmers! Place a composter within a village boundary and a villager can claim the composter as a building site. They will become farmers and tend (and plant) crops throughout the village. If your house is close enough or if a farmer is driven out of the village, the farmer will also take care of your crops. They will pick adult plants and place them in a chest for you to collect later. They will also plant any crops they hold in their inventory within the boundaries of a village.

If you really want to master farming and have the villagers do all the work for you, you'll need a composter ASAP.

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