Minecraft: How to make a lightning rod

The latest update of Minecraft is live, so it's time to start creating new tools if you haven't already, with a Lightning rod being the one who can help you a lot in your adventures. The lightning rod can, as its name suggests, attract lightning which can be used in different ways. The most obvious would be that he can attract those bolts, making the field a safer place to cross and signal every time. Another handy way to put a lightning rod to good use would be to use them as power sources for redstone creations, as they provide power after each strike. The possibilities are there, so it's up to you how you want to enjoy these rods.

How to make a lightning rod in Minecraft

To get started, you'll need to gather the materials needed for the lightning rod. It would be three copper bars. Not much or really difficult to find, as copper ores can be mined through rock fields and many other areas in certain biomes. After obtaining the necessary ores, throw them into a furnace in order to smelt them into copper ingots. With three of them at hand, it's time to combine them to get a lightning rod.

What you need to do next is place the ingots exactly as shown in the image above, in the 3x3 crafting grid. To access it, of course, you must visit a crafting table. You need to put them in this exact order:

  • First row: second box
  • Second row: second box
  • Third row: second box

The lightning rod recipe will appear next to the grid, so confirm your action and the lightning rod will be created. Place it in your inventory and you now have a single lightning bolt. Due to the nature of the item, you'll want to craft a few, in order to be as effective as possible with your backlight system.

Minecraft is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. For more related content, feel free to check out the rest of our guides here.

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