Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Poison Sac

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Poison Sac

If you want to craft or upgrade any early stage poison weapon in Monster hunter rise, it is almost certain that you are going to need yourself Poison Sac. This specific material is of course from venomous monsters, and oddly there are quite a few of them in this title, even at the start of your adventure. Let's see together what is the best way to farm poison bags.

How and Where to Find Poison Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

As the name suggests, a Poison Sac is an organ of poisonous creatures found in Monster Hunter Rise's wildlife. No lesser monsters though, don't get confused just because they spit poison. Only large monsters can drop this material, whether killed, carved, or captured.

As you can see from the image above, we already have a winner for which monster is best to hunt and farm for poison bags. The Great Wroggi has the best chance of all other low tier poisonous targets to give you this item. Which is odd to say the least, because beasts like the Pukei-Pukei are clearly far more efficient at using venomous abilities than the easy to hunt Great Wroggi. But, they have a very low 10% drop rate to drop a Poison Sac. That said, it works best for us hunters, who want to spend as little time as possible farming a single ingredient for our weapons. Please note though that capturing the Great Wroggi does not increase the drop chance, so feel free to remove it.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that Basarios drops both poison and flame bags, making it a pretty good alternative if you want to try and get both bags. The chances of them giving up are far less though, and Basarios is a much tougher fight, especially early on. If you feel like a challenge, Basarios awaits you in the lava caverns and sand plains.

Monster hunter rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, be sure to check out our full list here.

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