Monster Hunter Rise: Where to find Speartuna

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There are lots of fish you can find in Monster hunter rise, many of them being exclusive to certain locales, with Speartun one you may need to get later in the game. Almost identical to a real-life harpoonfish, this giant sea creature can be found in lakes or ponds that you can fish. Where exactly, we will see below in this guide.

How and where to find Speartuna in Monster Hunter Rise

Each map in Monster Hunter Rise has a number of places and locations where you can fish your heart out, each of which provides different or even similar fish to catch. Speartuna isn't exactly a rare fish, but it does have specific spots where it can be caught. The easiest to reach of the bunch, would be in the Lava Caverns area 3. Check the thumbnail image or the one below, to see exactly where the hunter is.

This pond is on the left side of Region 3 and is very easy to spot due to the number of colorful fish in it. Also, for this specific reason, it is extremely easy to identify the Speartuna, as it is by far the largest fish, with a spear-like 'nose'. Approach the pond, click "A" to start fishing and cast your lure as close as possible. Right after eating the bait, you will notice your lure is under the splashing water. When this happens, click 'A' again to draw the line towards you, with the fish attached to it.

Don't worry if you miss Speartuna the first time, just keep casting the lure until you have as many as you need, and you should be good to go. Please note that this pond has been tested in the HR versions of the Lava Cavern maps, so it is unclear if the fish can also be found in the low rank. You won't really need it until you reach RH, so you should try your luck in RH Expeditions or Quests anyway.

Monster hunter rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides on the game, be sure to check out our full list here.

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