NBA 2K22 How To Get VC Fast – Easiest Ways To Mine Virtual Currency (VC)

VC or Virtual Currency as it is called in NBA 2K22 is what everyone is looking for in My Career and My Team modes. This currency not only allows you to develop your My Player, but also allows you to purchase card packs to develop your team in My Team. So, the question every NBA 2K player will ask at one time or another is how to get VC quickly and easily. Some methods are definitely better than others, but this guide will explain some of the fastest and easiest ways to get VC in NBA 2K22.

My career

My career is the main attraction for many NBA 2K players. It lets you create a player and play a variety of different game modes. From street ball to a full-fledged NBA career and a storyline that takes you from college to pros, My Career is a slow ride where VC is the main thing blocking your progress. This virtual currency can be purchased to give you shortcuts to a better player, but for those who don't want to pay extra, they have to play by the rules. These rules can be a bit demanding in different places in My Career mode. We're going to break down some of the points you absolutely need to hit if you want to get VC fast. It's not just about playing the hoop either, there are certain activities that will give you an easy VC if you just pay attention and complete them regularly. The following list of activities will earn you the most VC in NBA 2k22's My Career mode.


Pro Am games are a very fast way to earn VC in NBA 2K22. However, it's not as straightforward as some of the other single-player content. You will need to have a team to join or create a team and recruit others to play with to compete in Pro-Am games. Once you have a team, you can play 3v3 or 5v5. Like other modes, the higher your teammate's rating, the more VC you'll earn for your time.

Complete quests

The My Career in NBA 2K22 trail is full of quests. Each time you complete one, from small to large, you have a chance to earn VC. You can check your quests in the pause menu. There are career quests to complete, sponsorship quests, season quests, town quests with daily challenges, and town MVP quests.

If VC is your target, try to focus on quests that will reward you with VC. Digging into the Quests menu, you'll see which challenges will offer VC and which won't.

Check the Quest Log for Challenges

Some challenges have a time constraint. Be sure to complete these quests if they offer VC. If you don't, they will expire.

Claim the daily reward

Every day, a daily reward will be waiting for you. Simply bring up the map to find the reward location, go there, and then interact to get your reward.

Ante Up

If you are good at 2K22, the game will always be the means by which you can get the most VC as quickly as possible. You can do this now on the Ante Up courts. These courts allow players to bet a fixed amount of VC before matches. These matches are played on The City's indoor courts. The interior of the Ante building resembles a casino in terms of aesthetics and like a casino you have a very real chance of losing your VC just as much as you win more.

The Rec

Rec mode is about the same pace as playing in your My Career mode. If you're looking to get VC, there are definitely faster options out there. Games are long and you had better play well if you want to increase the overall VC earned in each game. The upside is you're playing against human opponents (unless the players leave) the downside you're playing with human players so depending on their tendencies they could be ball hogs and it's quite common to see people throwing punches and not being great teammates in this mode. The other downside of The Rec is that if you play badly enough, you can boot the game and you get NO VC for it.

My career mode

Focusing on your NBA career is one of the fastest ways to organically improve your character. Along the way, you'll take on a myriad of different challenges without even thinking about it, and rack up risk capital in the process. Instead of sitting in Pro-Am, betting Ante Up and other methods… Career mode lets you experience this mode the way it was designed. There are many things in your career path that will earn you VC:

Play your league matches

Like Rec games and Pro Am games, you will earn a lot of VC for playing in your NBA games. Even if you get on the bench you will get something in terms of CV for your time.

Obtain endorsements

Picking the right endorsements will allow you to passively earn VC throughout your career in My Career.

Make sure you play well in the games you play

Above all, you must try to play well. Not only will this advance your career, but the better you get, the more VC you'll earn. It's a snowball that once you get down the hill things start to get a little easier. The first bump in the game when you're at level 60 is the hardest. Although the road to 99 is a bit long, being a modest 60 with low attributes is a heartbreaking process. The better you try to play, the faster you will get VC which you can spend to improve your player.

Answer Triva TV 2k questions

If you watch 2K TV, questions about Triva will pop up from time to time. If you answer it correctly, you will get a special VC reward.

Use the mobile app

The 2K22 mobile app has not yet arrived on Google Play or iTunes. When it does, it's safe to assume that if you download it, you'll earn different types of VC rewards for completing separate challenges.

My crew

My Team isn't as VC focused as My Career, but VC is still definitely involved in this mode. In fact, VC is one of the main ways to buy card packs in the pack market. However, if you're looking to earn VC here, you won't find that option. Most of the rewards in this mode are tied to tokens that can be used to purchase cards and packs, as well as rewards that are just cards or packs themselves.

Find VC

Based on where you stand on these microtransactions and virtual currency, you might think paying for it is worth the time it takes to grind in NBA 2K22. If you choose to buy VC instead of using these tips to get it, as quick and easy as it can be, it will still take a lot longer than swiping your credit card.

Prix ​​et packs NBA 2K22 VC

  • 5 000 VC - 1,99 $
  • 15 000 VC - 4,99 $
  • 35 000 VC - 9,99 $
  • 75 000 VC - 19,99 $
  • 200 000 VC - 49,99 $
  • 450 000 VC - 99,99 $

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