New Pokemon Snap: Arbok Falls Asleep Guide

Arbok falls asleep request can end up confusing, similar to many other tasks in New Pokémon Snap, due to a very specific requirement. At its core, this is a very simple request that asks you to find a sleeping Arbok and take a screenshot of it when it wakes up. The troublesome part of this challenge is to actually find this sleeping Arbok. If you don't know where to look and how to look for it, it may take some time, so feel free to take a look below to explain everything you need.

How to complete the Arbok Falls Asleep request in New Pokémon Snap

To find Arbok, you must jump into NEO-ONE and start a run in Founja Jungle (Night). Very early in the scene, around the same area where a Liepard can be seen atop a large branch in the middle of the road, but elevated, there is also an Arbok sleeping atop a tree. Which means you constantly have to raise your camera high to spot it.

If you throw Fluffruits at him he will of course start to get frustrated and you will end up literally throwing him off the branch he was sleeping on. You need to capture that exact moment, when Arbok falls down and wakes up. Pretty easy task if you ask me, however, the tricky part of this whole process is that Arbok isn't there all the time. In fact, to be able to generate it there, you need to set your research level to 1. It took me a while to figure this out, because not many requests require you to change the research level from high to low. Either way, just set it to 1, and if not right away, an Arbok will eventually spawn in that tree. Return to your camp with the photo you need in hand and complete the Arbok Falls Asleep application.

New Pokémon Snap is available on Nintendo Switch. For more content on the game, be sure to check out our guides here.

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