New Pokemon Snap: How to Get All Stars for Pichu

Pikachu may be the mascot of New Pokémon Snap, and the whole Pokémon franchise in general, but this is its pre-evolution Pichu who was consistently voted the cutest out there. Pichu is just adorable to watch in this game, as he is very expressive and constantly plays with other small Pokemon like Grookey, or he keeps hiding in hard to find places. With four different behaviors in the spotlight, as with all other Pokémon in the new title, let's see how you can capture them all exactly.

How to take a photo of every Pichu behavior in New Pokémon Snap

1 – star

  • A simple screenshot of Pichu running around the location is enough to fulfill the one-star requirement. You can easily spot him all around Florio Natural Park, usually playing with Grookey.

2 – star

  • At the very start of the first stage, during the day, Pichu and Grookey can be found on the right side of the road, just walking towards it minding their own business. Playing a sweeping sound or through your camera's zoom sound, they're both amazed, resulting in a great shot. Take it to earn the 2 star rating.

3 – star

  • As you get closer to the end of the same stage, you may notice a large pile of flowers on your left. Inside there is a Pichu hiding, so throw a Fluffruit to lure it. You need to take a screenshot of it after it lands on top of the pile, looking you straight in the eye.

4 – star

  • The 4-star image is almost exactly the same as the 3-star image, however, you need to take the screenshot as Pichu emerges from that pile of flowers. The timing seems rather odd, so you need a few tries to get it right and not end up with the 3-star version.

* Please note that as you increase your Research Level at each stage, you may encounter different Pokémon behaviors in New Pokémon Snap. If you can't seem to find the exact moment for the one you're looking for, it could be because of this. Keep taking photos at a specific stage, to unlock all research levels of it and complete your Photodex.

New Pokémon Snap is available on Nintendo Switch. For more content on the game, be sure to check out our guides here.

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