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The objective of New Pokémon Snap it's not about 'catching 'em all', but rather about taking the best shots and getting a high score. But the system that judges this can be a bit confusing. You are graded on a number of criteria, but they are not fully explained and can sometimes seem a little arbitrary. So, to help you out, we've got some photo tips on how to get high scores in New Pokémon Snap.

How to get high scores for your photos in New Pokémon Snap

Here are the criteria by which all of your new Pokémon Snap photos are evaluated each time you submit them to Professor Mirror for grading.

  • pose
  • Size
  • Direction
  • Placement
  • Other Pokemon
  • Background

But what does each of these elements mean? The pose is difficult, requiring the Pokemon to perform an action or interact with something unique. It's like the famous Surfing Pikachu from the first game, where you used fruit to lure him close to the surfboard so he jumped on it. So to improve your score here, try to interact with Pokemon or watch them do something special and take a picture of that.

Sizing is easy, just asking you to get the Pokemon as big as possible in the frame. Ignore the "rule of thirds" and other specific photography techniques here, get as close as possible without cropping or blocking any part of the Pokemon's body and you should maximize that.

Direction and placement go hand in hand in that they measure where and in what direction the Pokemon is facing. You want it looking at you and in the center of the frame. Again, ignore the methods you might use to create interesting and picturesque photos, it's nature documentary work you're doing and you just want to get the details right. Get in close, with the Pokemon facing you and in the center of the plane and it'll be big scores too.

Other Pokémon and Background deal with elements of the photo other than the target Pokémon. If you can get other cool creatures or things like waterfalls and other action in the background, you'll get more points here.

Keep all of this in mind when taking your photos and this is how you will get high scores for your photos in New Pokémon Snap. Of course, that's not the only metric, so if you want to know more about 4-star photos, check out this guide as well.

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