Nier Replicant: Where to Find Crystals

Crystals are a rare resource in Nier Replicant that are used to upgrade weapons, and you will also need them to complete an important side quest in the second half of the game. They are very rare drops, but you can buy them in a specific store if you have trouble finding them in the field. You can use them to upgrade your weapons, but you'll also need them for The King's Mask side quest along with other items. Here's how to get crystals in Nier Replicant.

How to Get Crystals in Nier Replicant

You can collect crystals in the Arid Temple and Desert regions, but they are very rare. They will appear as normal items as glowing white markers on the ground. Crystals can also be purchased from the materials shop on the front for 2400 gold.

Because crystals are incredibly rare, your best bet is to simply save up and buy some from the Fascia Material Shop to save yourself the headache of grinding them. If you want to save some money or just can't afford to drop 2400 gold on a single material, you can just roam the desert and the barren temple and pick up the items you see. Once you've cleared the object areas, leave and come back to force other objects to spawn. It may take a while, but you'll eventually come across a crystal or two. Luckily, you'll only need a handful of them to upgrade most of your weapons and complete The Mask of the King side quest.

If you'd rather not just wander aimlessly in search of crystals, you can always tackle some of the many side quests available in the desert region of Nier Replicant. The people of Facade need a lot of help and have many jobs to do, and many of them pay very well. If you don't have money to buy crystals, you can just do a side quest or two and you can buy some.

Nier's reply is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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