No More Heroes 3: How to Perform Wrestling Moves

Travis Touchdown is a huge wrestling fan, so in addition to knowing how to swing that beam katana, he also knows how to perform wrestling moves. These moves can really make combat easier if mastered, as they can be used to nullify strong enemy attacks or fully recharge your Beam Katana. There's even a boss that's extremely sensitive to grappling moves that you can completely devastate if you have the know-how. Here's everything we know about how to perform wrestling moves in No More Heroes 3.

How to perform wrestling moves in No More Heroes 3

To perform grapple moves in No More Heroes 3 you will need to either perform a perfect dodge then press ZR followed by on-screen prompts or to perform a stronger grapple move stun an enemy then press ZR followed by screen prompts. The strongest wrestling moves actually recharge your Beam Katana's battery to the max, so it's worth doing as soon as you can in combat. See below for some tips on using these wrestling moves to the fullest!

The cream rises to the top

As mentioned above, here are some tips and tricks for using wrestling moves in No More Heroes 3

  • There are several death glove chips that buff wrestling move damage, so if you like wrestling, equip them to prepare for the smackdown.
  • Press but don't hold ZR as Travis will sometimes continue to circle enemies until the button is released and the grab window will end before it goes out. We think this can be a way to make sure you can type them in the right place, but positioning yourself first and then typing has proven to be more reliable.
  • The controls for pro wrestling (stronger moves) are still the same. You'll still need to either throw your JoyCons up or push your left and right sticks up. There are special situations where you can enter different commands, but these all seem to be boss fight specific.
  • Gold Joe can be muscled through wrestling moves. If you're able to do a perfect dodge and in the right position, you can suplex Joe into the wires adding huge damage to your already decent damage suplex. Also, like many bosses in the game, Joe can be stunned, so be sure to use a pro wrestling move on them when he has to do crazy damage again and also get a chance to slash reel. Joe's Battleground is pretty much an electrified wrestling ring and it looks like the developers really wanted to drive that point home.

More heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out the rest of our No More Heroes 3 guides while you're here!

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