Orange launches Deezer Premium for only 4,99 euros per month

Orange launches Deezer Premium for only 4,99 euros per month

Orange is launching a promotion so that its paying customers can take advantage of the service Deezer Premium+ music streaming for only 4,99 euros per month for one year. This offer, available only for new Deezer Premium + accounts at Orange, represents a saving compared to the usual price of 9,99 € euros. In addition, these customers have a bonus of 1 GB of additional data per month, so they can get the most out of this service.

At the end of the promotional year, the price is €7,99/month, even lower than the price available for credit card payments: €9,99/month.

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How to use Deezer?

To start using Deezer, all you need is download the Deezer Music app on mobile and create an account. This is how it is easy to enjoy, without activating the Premium + subscription, all the music offered by Orange and Deezer, as well as the wide possibilities of the service, which allows the user, for example, to read the songs' lyrics listening to them, create playlists with your music favorite and share them with your friends and knowledge via social networks.

With Deezer Premium, you can enjoy music without internet connection, desired order, unlimited, no commercial break and with files from extremely high audio quality. To activate the Premium subscription and benefit from the promotion, users must choose Orange as the payment method and the service fee will be included in the operator's regular monthly bill.

Activation can also be done from the Orange customer area or at

Deezer presents SongCatcher

On the other hand, Deezer has released the beta version of SongCatcher, its new audio recognition application to search for songs and artists, which automatically adds recently identified songs to favorites and/or a playlist and can be played directly from the application.

With a catalog of over 43 million songs, Deezer partners with Orange to offer users the ability to listen to music anywhere. Our relationship with Orange is strategic for Deezer on a global level and what we are looking for for Spain is to generate a very accessible offer, for a long time, which also includes navigation data to be able to enjoy it", comments Pablo Skaf. , director of Deezer Spain.

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