Outriders: Outrider Legacy Quest Walkthrough

Outriders has a ton of side quests to find and do, some being pretty straightforward with just visiting points A and B, but some like The Outrider Legacy, require a lot of effort and many places to visit. Luckily, there's nothing too complicated to do in this mission, but it's strongly advised that you progress through the main quest for a while first, to unlock all the places you'll need to go. Otherwise, you may reach a point in this quest where you cannot continue because the desired location has not yet been found.

Complete Outrider Legacy Quest Walkthrough

There are a lot of steps required before completing this side quest, so buckle up. You have to visit lots of different locations with a different task for each, if of course you have unlocked them at this point. With that said, let's start checking out this quest step by step.

wreckage area

  • Find Lucy and inquire about the Outriders hatch.
    • Just follow the quest marker and talk to Lucy
  • Look for Monique in the wreckage area.
    • Travel to Wreckage Zone and enter the cave to find a red door that leads to Clearwater Springs. For some reason, the quest marker sometimes shows the wrong way, so be sure to find that red door, which says "Enter Clearwater Springs," to confirm you're in the right place.
  • Clear the caves. → Clear the rocks.
    • Eliminate the wave of enemies that will appear
  • Plant the flag. → Look for Monique in the wreckage area.
    • Place your flag so you can fast travel here in the future and head west. Upon opening a certain door found in your path, a cutscene will follow.
  • Return to Lucy to retrieve the key to the Outriders hatch.
    • Return to Trench Town and talk to Lucy to receive a key to continue.

Jobs at Kiwiz

  • Search the quarry for the Outriders hatch.
    • Travel to Quarry and go south of your camp. Clear some logs found in your path and enter the nesting grounds.
  • Clear the area.
    • Eliminate all the enemies that appear.
  • Open the door.
    • Open the door inside the bunker.
  • Collect the clues.
    • Pick up the clues on the floor.
  • Fast travel to Forest Enclave.
    • Return to camp and go to Forest Enclave.

forest enclave

  • Look for Sergio or Mercer Acosta in the forest.
    • Visit the Enclave camp and talk to Mercer Acosta.
  • Locate the remains of Sergio Acosta's expedition.
    • Enter the Enclave Outskirts to continue.
  • Plant the flag.
    • Right after clearing the area, plant your flag to activate the fast travel point. Then head west to continue.
  • Push through the jungle. → Clear the way.
    • Eliminate all the enemies that will appear.
  • Clear the camp. → Clear the rocks.
    • Again, eliminate all the enemies that will appear. You can easily be overrun in this phase, so be sure to stay positioned so enemies will gradually come in from the front.
  • Clear the camp. → Find Acosta's body.
    • Eliminate the last wave of enemies, then examine the body at the camp.
  • Return the photo to Mercer.
    • Return to the Enclave camp and speak to Mercer.

Jobs at Kiwiz

  • Return to the Outriders bunker.
    • Return to the quarry and enter the bunker. Eliminate the enemies that will appear on your way.
  • Look for clues in the Outriders bunker.
    • Open the second door now available in the bunker and head lower. Collect the clues found on the ground.

The door

  • Look for Sarah Tanner in the forest. → Eliminate Kang's soldiers.
    • Go to The Gate and follow the quest marker. Eliminate all the enemies that will appear.
  • Eliminate Kang's soldiers. → Examine the body.
    • Eliminate the next wave of enemies, then look for a tent in the area. Right next to it there is a body you need to search and get the master key.

Jobs at Kiwiz

  • Return to the Outriders bunker.
    • Go to the quarry again and go to the bunker. Eliminate all the enemies that will appear.
  • Use the master key to reveal the secret in the Outriders bunker.
    • Head east from the entrance and unlock the third door found, along with the master key.
  • Examine the area.
    • Enter the room and watch a cutscene.
  • Repel the attack and disarm the nuke.
    • Eliminate all the enemies that will appear, including some insurgents. Get ready for this fight, because it can be difficult if you're not careful. After killing everyone, watch the final cutscene and the quest will finally be complete. Be sure to claim your rewards.

All chest locations during The Legacy of the Outrider quest

  1. Clearwater Springs - East of the rocks you clear to enter the area
  2. Slot - From the area fast travel point, head east to the end of the tunnel
  3. Outsider Bunker - East of the Ammo Refill Crate
  4. Outsider Bunker – Inside the room with the red door, next to the banner
  5. Enclave Outskirts – East of the blocked path, after eliminating all enemies
  6. The door - In the area where you eliminated Kang's soldiers, next to the ammo refill crate

With that, we come to the end of everything you need to know about The Outrider's Legacy quest in Outriders. The quest might take a while considering all the places you have to go through, but it will net you some nice rewards and you'll be one step closer to fully completing all of the side content in the game.

Outriders is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia. For more information on the game, be sure to check out official page here. If you want to check out our long list of guides and tips for Outriders, take a look here.

– This article was last updated on: April 3, 2022

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