Phasmophobia – How to use the crucifix, what does the crucifix do

There are a lot of items in Phasmophobia and the game isn't too interested in explaining how to use them effectively. Sure, you can read the newspaper or ask your fellow players, but you're here because you didn't want to do any of that. We're here to help, so let's break down one of the most important and useful parts of the game that can save your life and achieve a goal on its own. Here is how to use the crucifix in phasmophobia.

How to use the crucifix

In short, the crucifix is ​​an object that helps prevent ghosts from getting too aggressive, but only in a small area. Although you may want to bring the crucifix with you when you enter the house, you will only use it once you have determined which room the ghost is haunting. After you identify this, you'll want to move on to the crucifix and lay it on the floor in a helpful spot. This can be in the center of the room or just outside the door, depending on how you like to hunt.

What does the crucifix do

This is how you use the crucifix, but what does it actually do? As I explained earlier, the crucifix prevents ghosts from getting too aggressive. If a ghost or spirit is within three meters of a crucifix, they cannot enter their most aggressive state and kill you. So what you want to do is know where the crucifix is ​​while you anger the ghost for other purposes. Then, if he starts to get too angry, you can use the crucifix as a momentary shield against them, by stepping on it to get to the exit or standing near him for a while.

It might only take you a few seconds, so always have an exit plan, but that's how to use and what the crucifix does in phasmophobia.

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