Pikmin Bloom: How To Get Every Unique Pikmin Decor | Real World Locations Guide

If you really want to make your Pikmin army shine in Pikmin Bloom, you'll need to explore the world to find Pikmin Decor. After level 10, you will be able to find and grow Pikmin Decorations – Pikmin with unique decorations that can only be found in specific locations. Pikmin decor can be from the airport, train station or pharmacy – each type has a fun little hat or outfit related to their specific job. Pikmin Station, for example, wears small cardboard train outfits. It's lovely!

Too bad nothing in the game tells you where to find Pikmin Decor. Decor Pikmin are all connected to different locations, but not all locations are considered. If you don't want to walk to a place only to find there's no Pikmin scenery there, you can check out the list below. These are all the Pikmin sets in the game, as collected by fans. Credit specifically goes to PikminGoob and zviznemt.

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Where to find all types of Pikmin deco

Decor Pikmin are rare Pikmin that can be collected from specific locations like Mini Markets, Airports, Forests, etc. Not all areas are specifically marked in Pikmin Bloom — to geolocate a location, Pikmin Bloom uses OpenStreetMap data. You can check which locations are marked near you. You can also download OpenStreetMap for free on iOS and Android.

To know where you want to look, here is a quick list of all locations with Decor Pikmin.

  • Location – What they wear
  • Airport – Rides in a toy plane.
  • Art Gallery – Wears a painting frame on his head.
  • Bakery – Wears a chopstick cup on his head.
  • Beach - Wears a shell hat.
  • Coffee – Carry a cup of coffee.
  • forest – Exists in two variants; beetle hat and acorn costume.
  • Salon de coiffure – Wears a comb and scissors on the back.
  • minimarket – Wears a bottle cap helmet.
  • Cinema – Wears 3D glasses and a popcorn hat.
  • Pharmacy – Carry toothbrush backpack and toothpaste hair.
  • Post office – Covered with stamps.
  • Restaurant – Wears a chef's hat.
  • supermarché – Exists in two variants; banana hat or mushroom helmet.
  • candy store – Wears a macaroon hat.
  • Races – Wears a cardboard train suit.
  • Resident – Carries a fishing lure on his back.
  • zoo – Wears a dandelion mane.

Keep in mind that all locations in your area may not be accurately labeled in OpenStreetMaps. Pikmin Bloom uses OpenStreetMaps for location data, so check there and mark locations in your area yourself, or just check which areas are already marked and avoid a long trip.

You can also send Pikmin to Shipments to acquire Decor Pikmin from specific locations without having to physically travel. You can only do this once a day, but it's welcome. Remember that if you are sending Pikmin far, far away from your location, it may take hours, days, weeks, or even months to complete the shipment. They travel in real time!

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