Pikmin Bloom: How To Maximize Friendship For Your Pikmin | 4 Star Friendship Guide

Your Pikmin haven't peaked until they reach 4 Friendship Stars - a rating you really shouldn't ignore in Pikmin Bloom. Every Pikmin you develop has a friendship rating that steadily increases as you play, but just walking them around isn't enough. Walking with Pikmin will only rarely increase Friendship, and you will want to increase Friendship to the max for two very good reasons; 4-star Pikmin are more powerful against mushrooms, and 4-star Pikmin can become decorative Pikmin if you send them on an expedition to where you originally located them ‚ÄĒ but only if they are special locations.

4-star friendship isn't just about Pikmin decor, though that's a nice bonus. No, it's the extra power that is most important for your Mushroom raids. You'll get tons of rewards for breaking mushrooms - and the faster you destroy them, the better rewards you'll get. Getting a perfect rating on Mushroom Raids also gives you double items! And you can even increase friendship with mushrooms ‚Äď sending Pikmin to loot mushrooms actually increases your friendship with them. But, there's a trade-off... you're sending weaker Pikmin, so you'll get a lower rating.

There are better ways to achieve full friendship with your Pikmin Pikmin Bloom. Here's what you need to know.

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How To Increase Pikmin Friendship | 4 Star Friendship Guide

Each Pikmin has a Friendship status that determines how powerful your Pikmin are. The higher the number of friendship stars a Pikmin has, the faster it will be destroy mushrooms.

Raise a Pikmin to 4 Star Friendship will also give you the chance to acquire Pikmin Decor. By sending a Pikmin 4 stars shipping to special location it was originally chosen (restaurant, zoo, beach, etc.) you can acquire an item, turning the Pikmin into a unique item Pikmin Decor.

There are many ways to increase friendship. Here's how.

  • Feed the Pikmin Nectar will increase slightly Friendship.
  • While walking with Pikmin, finding Nectar increase Friendship.
  • Send Pikmin into battle Mushrooms.
  • Sending Pikmin to Shipments.

Finding Nectar only gives a slight Friendship boost, and you should feed Pikmin Nectar naturally all the time. Sending non-4 star Pikmin against mushrooms is wasted effort, as you will get less rewards from mushrooms. Expeditions are the best way to increase Pikmin to 4 Friendship Stars.

To get 4-star Pikmin, follow these basic steps.

  • When sending Pikmin to a expedition, sort your Pikmin by Friendship and send the nearest 4-star Pikmin ‚ÄĒ and send it maximum quantity of Pikmin.
  • Do not send 4-star Pikmin on expeditions. You will only be wasting your niche.
  • Between Shipments, feed your Pikmin Nectar and pick them.
  • If you want to befriend a particular Pikmin, send it on all shipments. Wait for your Pikmin to return, then send it back. Keep sending Pikmin every day whenever you can, and send them from a safe distance.

When they finally come back, they will come back with big friendship gains. It takes a lot of patience to boost them all, but it's worth it - and you'll be swimming in Decor Pikmin. If you want to identify which Pikmin go where, give the Pikmin a name after where you found them. This way, you'll never forget where you need to send your Pikmin back on expeditions, leading to even more (and rarer) Pikmin scenery.

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