Pokémon GO - Grimer Spotlight Hours Guide

Grimer Spotlight Hour is about to begin for various Pokémon GO players around the world. These weekly events give players a chance to catch a ton of featured Pokemon, with additional bonuses on top. What are these bonuses? Well for one, this is a great opportunity to catch Shiny Grimer. Here is our Grimer Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO.

When is Grimer Spotlight Hour

The Grimer Spotlight Hour event will begin on Tuesday, April 20 at 18 p.m. and end at 19 p.m. in your local time zone. All of these weekly events take place on the same day and time, so watch for another one next week that will feature Finneon. During this hour, there will be two main bonuses to watch out for and take advantage of.

Spotlight Grimer Hours Bonus

Of course, with any hour of the spotlight, the biggest bonus is the massively increased spawn rate of the featured Pokemon. Grimer will appear much more often in the wild, becoming almost the only spawn available for now. To take advantage of this, all you have to do is load up the game and maybe open an Incense or Lure Mod if you want even more Grimer to encounter and catch for the hour. And there are two reasons why you'll want to see and catch as many as you can.

For one, the other bonus is 2x the usual Catch Candy. So what would normally give you 3 Grimer Candy will instead reward 6. And using Pinap Berry will stack (sort of doing weird things with the math). So use them and you should get 12 Grimer Candy for evolving and powering up after the event ends. Which you'll want to do if you're lucky enough to get Shiny Grimer.

How to get Shiny Grimer

Every time a spotlight hour focuses on a possible shiny Pokémon, it becomes a major focus for players who want the full set of variants. Shiny Grimer will be available, so all you need to do to maximize your chances of getting one is encounter as many Grimer as possible. Explore the surroundings, use Incense and Decoys when possible, and try to encounter all the Grimer you can. If they aren't shiny, you can always back off, but you should check to increase your chances. While the shiny odds aren't increased for a Spotlight Hour, it's still a great chance to nab one.

And that's our Grimer Spotlight Hour guide, which focuses on bonuses and how to get Shiny Grimer in Pokémon GO.

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