Pokemon Go - How to Catch Lokhlass with Ice Beam or Ice Shard

Pokemon Go has been pretty active here for the past few months, it seems like events are happening after events, often overlapping with each other. On top of that, the game features Search Breakthroughs as a way to catch often harder to catch Pokémon. Niantic disappointed a lot of players with the Eevee Research flower crown breakthrough period before reverting to a random assortment of previous legendaries. With the arrival of 2022, the Research Breakthrough has changed to and it can provide you with harder to find than most Pokemon.

How to catch Lokhlass with an Ice Beam or Ice Shard

Lokhlass is one of Red and Blue's original 150 Pokémon that has been quite limited over the years. The Water/Ice type makes Lokhlass a force to be reckoned with and now you can get one much easier.

Unlike legendaries that require a raid or prior research breakthroughs to acquire outside of trade, Lokhlass has always been available as a wild Pokémon that can spawn anywhere. However, Lokhlass has always been one of the hardest Pokémon to find in the wild, often being one of the missing Pokémon in players' Kanto dex.

As of now, Lokhlass is the last Pokemon available through Research Breakthrough. Once you reach your seventh day stamp by completing the various research breakthroughs available, you will have the opportunity to encounter Lokhlass.

This is no ordinary Lokhlass, as it is guaranteed to have two different moves. These moves are Ice Beam and Ice Shard, which are definitely some of the best Ice-type moves in the game. Considering the power of many Dragon-type Pokemon in the game, having strong Ice moves is very important to to counter.

Lokhlass with Ice Beam or Ice Shard will be available as a Research Breakthrough by the end of the month, so make sure you don't miss out before this one is gone.

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