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Welcome to the year of the Pokèmon GO rat trainers! The Lunar New Year continues, and there have already been plenty of in-game rewards and events to celebrate. But more has been promised and more is yet to come. This Sunday, February 2, isn't just a great day to rewatch the classic Bill Murray Groundhog day. It's also the day you can finally catch Chinchidou in Pokèmon GO. However, time is limited to do so and you will have to work really hard if you want the cutest creature in the whole land. Here's how to get Chinchidou in Pokèmon GO.

How to get Chinchidou

Chinchidou will appear in Pokèmon GO as part of a limited research event. Beginning at 14 p.m. and ending at 17 p.m. local time on Sunday, February 2, players will begin receiving special research tasks from Pokè Stops. You'll need an available research slot to receive it, so complete or clear them if you need to.

We don't currently know the specific tasks you'll receive, but they're supposed to be themed after the Year of the Rat, so catching a lot of Rattata is very likely. Complete these tasks and trade them to meet Chinchidou. Fortunately, this is not the only way to get Chinchidou in Pokèmon GO. Also, at this time and beyond, Chinchidou will appear in 5 km eggs. But that leads to the next question of how to get a shiny Chinchidou.

How to get Shiny Chinchidou and Pashmilla

Yes, the addition of this new Pokémon accompanies the release of its shiny variant. These ultra rare and highly sought after releases are usually kept for special events. Of course, that's exactly what it is, so it's not shocking to see a simultaneous reveal. So with Chinchidou added to the game with his Pashmilla evolution, how do you get their shiny versions? Unfortunately, there is no other big trick than meeting as many as possible. Research Tasks and Eggs both have higher shine rates, so you have a good chance of receiving one. Hatching as many eggs and completing as many special tasks will increase your chances, so get ready for an active day.

This should explain how to get Chinchidou and Shiny Chinchidou in Pokèmon GO.

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