Pokémon GO – How to Get Shiny Mew (Kanto Tour Event)

The Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event is perhaps the biggest shiny hunting event in the history of the hit mobile game. Rare variants have always been sought after by players, with special events in place to facilitate these hunts. But nothing compares to what we see in this February 2022 event. And the crown jewel of it all is the shiny Mew. This mythical Pokemon has only been available in rare circumstances and never in its shiny form. But that has changed today. Here's how to get Shiny Mew in Pokémon GO.

How to get Shiny Mew

Shiny Mew is offered as the final reward for the Pokémon GO Tour: Materwork Research Kanto event titled “All-In-One #151.” This is a new type of quest that tasks players with a long form and extremely difficult objectives. Fortunately, there is no time limit to complete it. As long as you purchased a ticket before or during the event and activated it while it was live, you will have Masterwork Research in your account until you complete it.

To get a Shiny Mew, all you need to do is complete this master quest, which we break down here. Check out all the tasks and rewards along the way, but know that the final reward will be the Shining Mew you've probably been looking for for so long. Once you're done, you can grab it and add it to your collection.

This will likely be Shiny Mew's only chance for Pokémon GO, at least for a few years. Even in the main series of games, this is a top tier rarity, so don't expect another shotgun blast anytime soon. Now you know how to get Shiny Mew in Pokémon GO. Once you have it, make sure you keep it safe and don't trade it for anything you don't want.

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