Pokémon GO – Palkia Raid Counters, How to beat Palkia in August 2022

You made your way through Dialga by Pokémon GO but now it's time for Palkia to make her triumphant return. And with a shiny new form available this time around, players will want to battle and defeat as many of them as possible. It's the only way to increase the chances of catching Shiny Palkia after all, but to do that you need a strong team of counters. To help you out, here are the best Palkia raid counters in August 2022 for Pokémon GO.

The best Palkia counters in August 2022

Below is our list of the best Palkia counters in August 2022. As a dual Water and Dragon type Pokémon, Palkia is weak to incoming dragon attacks. Of course, your counters will also be weak against some of his attacks, so be prepared with revives and potions to heal up and get back into the fight. And be sure to keep reading for more tips and tricks on how to beat Palkia in August 2022.

Pokémon fast attack Charged Attack
Rayquaza dragon tail Outrage
Dialga dragon's breath Draco Meteor
Salamence dragon tail Outrage
Zekrom dragon's breath Outrage
Haxorus dragon tail dragon claw
Dragonite dragon tail Outrage
Garchomp dragon tail Outrage
Palkia dragon tail Draco Meteor
Latios dragon's breath dragon claw

Note that the list above is for standard-type Pokémon. Shadow versions of the above will always deal more damage, so use them if you have them with the right moveset. For your Mega Evolution, we recommend Mega Gyarados with Dragon Tail and Outrage. And for the rest of your questions, keep reading our complete Pokémon GO Palkia raid guide.

Palkia Raid Guide for August 2022

Below, we've got our own tips and tricks for beating Palkia in Pokémon GO, along with answers to frequently asked questions about the Legendary Beast when it returns in August 2022.

When do Palkia Raids start and end in August 2022

Palkia will debut in five-star Legendary Raids starting at 10 a.m. local time on Friday, August 6. He will be sticking around for two weeks, departing Friday, August 20 at 10 a.m. local time.

How many players to beat Palkia

If you have a strong group of top trainers, including best friend bonuses or weather upgrades, you can take on and beat Palkia with just a team of three trainers. However, most groups won't be as coordinated, so we recommend going with a team of at least five.

How to Get Shiny Palkia

The goal of Palkia Raids in August 2022 for many will be to catch a Shiny Palkia. Of course, this will be difficult due to the random nature of shiny encounters. Typically, the expected shiny chance for a legendary raid is one in twenty, so be prepared to do that many raids to find one. However, you can get lucky and get one sooner, so just make sure to raid Palkia as much as you can and use our guide to beat him quickly and easily.

And that's our Palkia raid guide, including the best Palkia raid counters in August 2022 for Pokémon GO.

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