Pok√©mon GO ‚Äď Squirtle Spotlight Hour Guide, Can Squirtle Can Be Shiny

It's just time for Spotlight time on the squirtle in Pokémon GO and gamers will want to be fully prepared for this one. The bonus offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and there are all the usual perks of this hour-long weekly event. But to get the most out of it, you need to know how to prepare and what to do during the event. To help you out, here's our Squirtle Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, answering all the important questions like can Squirtle be shiny and more.

Spotlight Squirtle Time Guide

There are three main questions Pokémon GO players need to know to prepare for Squirtle Spotlight Hour. We break them all down below.

When is Squirtle Spotlight Time in Pokémon GO

as you can see from the full July 2022 Spotlight Hour schedule, all of these events take place on Tuesdays from 18-19 p.m. For Squirtle it will be Tuesday, July 20. Timing is local, so no need to google your time zone. Just watch for the clock to strike 18pm on the 20th and the event should start right away. What's going to happen ? How are you preparing? Keep reading to find out.

What is the Squirtle Spotlight Hour bonus, how to prepare

Of course, the main bonus of Squirtle Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO will be the massively increased spawn rate of the Pokémon featured for the hour-long event. As you can see below, it gives a high chance of catching Shiny Squirtle. Along with this comes an added bonus for all players. For this week, it will be 2x Transfer Candy.

All of those rare Pokemon you caught at GO Fest 2022 should come in handy here, if you haven't already transferred them. This is also a good time to transfer any Legendary Pokemon you have saved that has no other purpose. So be sure to skip and transfer any Pokemon you no longer need to keep. Otherwise, you should probably spend your time looking for Shiny Squirtle.

Can Squirtle Be Shiny, How To Catch Shiny Squirtle During Spotlight Hour

Squirtle can shine during Spotlight Hour in July 2022, offering an excellent chance to catch one of your own. As always, the key to finding Shiny Squirtle is simply to encounter as many of them as possible. Activating an Incense and/or Decoy mod at the start of the event is always a good idea. Then simply meet each Squirtle you see to find out if it's shiny. Otherwise, you can either grab it quickly or back off to continue hunting.

And that's our Spotlight Hour Squirtle guide for Pokémon GO, including tips for catching Shiny Squirtle.

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