Pokémon GO Swablu Community Day Event Guide - Everything You Need To Know

It's almost time for Swablu Community Day in Pokémon GO and there are a lot of things you need to know before the event starts. Brilliant odds, big bonuses, and an exclusive new move to consider. With all of this to enjoy and only a few hours to experience it all, we wanted to combine it all in one place. Here's our Swablu Community Day events guide for Pokémon GO, giving you everything you need to know.

Swablu Community Day Events Guide for May 2022

Here's all the information you need to make the most of Swably Community Day in May 2022.

When is Swablu Community Day, how long does it last

Swablu Community Day takes place from 11 a.m. local time on Saturday, May 15. It lasts the usual six hours for the full event, with an additional two hours to level up to get the exclusive Altaria move (see below). So, the full event ends at 17 p.m. local time, with the only bonus lasting until 19 p.m.

What are the Swablu Community Day Bonuses

Here is the full list of bonuses that players can take advantage of during the event.

  • Increased Swablu spwans in the wild
    • Photobomb – Take 5 snapshots for more Swablu spawns
  • Increased Shiny Swablu chance (see below)
  • 1/4 hatching distance for eggs placed in incubators during the event
  • Incense duration of 3 hours
  • Exclusive Move – Swablu evolved into Altaria at 19pm will experience Moonblast
  • Community day box
    • Cost: 1280 PokéCoins
    • 50 Ultra Balls
    • 5 super incubators
    • 5 incense
    • Elite FastTM
  • Special ticket search for cotton-winged birds
  • Mega Altaria makes its post-event raid debut

Can Swablu be brilliant on community day

Yes, you will be able to catch Shiny Swablu and Altaria during the event, and the shiny chance will be massively increased. If you play through, you should have a nice collection of Shiny Swablu, along with the candies needed to evolve at least one into Shiny Altaria. We'll share tips and tricks for catching them in another guide, but try to encounter as many as possible if you want one. This includes purchasing the Cotton-Winged Bird ticket as it will offer more encounters.

Moonblast Altaria – “Is It Worth Evolving”

Is it worth evolving Swablu into Moonblast Altaria during or shortly after the event? For PvE raids, the answer is clearly no, as Altaria isn't strong enough to be a solid counter-attacker for one of the toughest enemies. PvP in the GO Battle League, however, is a very different answer.

Altaria maxes out at low CP, so Moonblast won't change much for your Master or even Ultra teams. If you like the Great League or other Cups that are limited to 1500 CP, then Moonblast Altaria can be a solid choice. Moonblast is an improvement over Dazzling Gleam, Altaria's former best fairy-type charged attack. It deals the same amount of damage but costs less energy and has a 10% chance to drop the opponent's attack stat.

If you play a lot of Great League playlists or other low CP playlists, Moonblast Altaria gives you a good fairy attacker. Having it as a second charged attack will give you more choices in your arsenal. Still, if you miss something, you don't have much to be sad about. There are better options, so watch our PvP guides to see if Moonblast Altaria tops any of the lists.

And here's our Swablu Community Day events guide for Pokémon GO with everything you need to know.

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