Pokemon Sparkling Diamond & Sparkling Pearl: How To Grind XP Fast For Your Low Level Pokemon | Lucky egg location

When XP Share just doesn't.

Pokemon Shining Diamond & Shining Pearl has an XP issue for dedicated players. The XP Sharing This feature makes normal progression quite simple: all of your Pokémon earn the same XP, even if they don't directly participate in battles. Problems arise when you want to level up low-level Pokemon to match your endgame beasts. When you're running with level 70 Pokemon and want to start using those weak 15~, the grind becomes a real nightmare. There are no XP candies like in the latest games. The only way to earn XP is to fight battles.

And there's a particular battle you can fight that will pay off 5 XP per fight. This is for late-game players, but it's the only time you'll really need to grind for XP. Just remember that you don't need to put the Pokemon you grind on top of your team - they don't need to actually fight. XP Share does the rest of the work. You only need one Level 50 ~ Pokemon to fight the trainer, earn your XP and repeat as often as you want. This method isn't exactly a magic bullet for our XP issues, but it might be the closest thing we get.

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How To Grind XP Fast | 5k ~ XP per battle

There are a lot of fights in the remake that give way to more than 5 000 ~ XP per battle, but they cannot be repeated. To perform this method, you will need the Vs. Seeker to face the coaches. You will absolutely have it by the time you reach this area of ​​the game. Vs. Seeker is a Key element.

  • Ace Trainer Battle: Route 228 – Find the Ace Trainer with Chansey (Lv. 54) to gain around 4-000 XP per battle.

To earn the amount of XP shown above, you will need to get a lucky egg. The Lucky Egg is a rare holding item that increases XP earned in battles. Make sure your Pokemon is actually holding this item to get the benefits.

  • Lucky Egg Locations: Grand Underground – Enter the Grand Underground from Acuity Lake and head to the northwesternmost chamber. There is a Pokeball containing the Lucky Egg in the center of the ice room.
    • You can also win a lucky egg in Jubilife City. If you win with three numbers in the Loto-ID.
    • Lucky Eggs can also be acquired in the Battle Tower with BP.

Lucky Egg Effects STACK So, acquiring multiple Lucky Eggs will increase the amount of XP you earn per battle. If all of your Pokemon on your team are carrying a Lucky Egg (6 peaks), you will have high XP.

The fastest way to level up is dupant Rare Candy – but as an exploit, you'll have to research it yourself. You can also do some grinding with post-game daily challenges. You can fight your rival in tower of battle or dawn at Ville de Sandgem for huge XP rewards, but you can only fight them once per day. Hunting Evolved Pokémon in the Great Underground is also an easy method to earn big XP gains from defeating Pokémon. You can even speed things up if you have fastballs – half the time you can immediately catch a high-level evolved Pokemon with a fastball on the first turn. You will still earn XP.

When it comes to post-game/end-game XP hunting, this information is your best bet. Going from level 60 to level 100 is a hassle no matter what you do. I really miss XP Candy right now.

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