Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Evolve Chill into Snowbelly

The adorable but ultimately quite weak Chill Pokémon is a wonderful addition to anyone's team at first glance, but once you realize its combat potential isn't too high, you'll want to evolve it. . Frissonille's evolution, Beldeneige, is an awesome Pokemon that learns powerful moves like Blizzard early on.

How to Evolve Frissonille into Snowbelly

To evolve Frissonille, you must have caught one in the first place. Fortunately, Frissonille is not too difficult to meet. You can find one along Route 8 and Route 10. On Route 8, the Pokemon will spawn in the world, making it fairly easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. On Route 10, it tends to spawn only in random “!” In the tall grass. Route 8 is definitely your best bet if you still don't have your own Frissonille.

The evolution of Frissonille is not as simple as other Pokémon. The level of the Pokémon does not matter. All that matters when evolving a Frissonille is friendship, as it will only become Snowbelly once you raise its friendship level high enough. To build friendships without doing too much work, simply set Chill as your first Pokemon to send out in battle. Don't let him actually fight, because if he passes out, his friendship will be reduced. Instead, just swap it out for another, more throwable Pokemon as if you were trying to upgrade a Magikarp in a previous Pokemon generation.

If you're ready to spend some quality time with Chill, then set up your Pokemon Camp and start playing with it. It's quite slow, so the process can get a bit boring. To spice things up, try cooking some curry. If you have a Soothing Bell, let the Pokemon hold it while you're on the go. Once you've bonded with Frissonille enough, all you need to do is level it up at night and it will evolve into Snowbelly. It must happen at night otherwise it does not evolve.

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