Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor - How to Get Weezing

Each new generation of Pokemon has introduced a whole new batch of Pokemon to capture over the years. The series has tried new mechanics over the years, with Pokemon Sun and Moon introducing the very unique Alolan forms of Pokemon we already know and love. These Pokemon with new looks and types were a big hit and naturally made their way to Pokemon Sword and Shield. One of the Pokémon to receive a new Galarian form in Sword and Shield was Weezing, but what about those who still want a classic Weezing? The Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor expansion now makes this possible in-game and this guide will describe how you can do it.

How to Get Weezing

Weezing is one of Red and Blue's 150 classic Pokémon that have existed over the years. This was replaced with just the Galarian form when Pokemon Sword and Shield released last year, but now you can also get regular Weezing.

This requires you to have the Pokémon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor expansion installed. Also, before you do anything, you need to make sure you go catch a Galarian Weezing somewhere through the original Wild Area. You'll have to play the story a bit once you get to the Isle of Armor, but as soon as you can start exploring the area you want to head to the training lowlands as shown on the map below above.

When you are in this area you want to find a bridge with a female NPC wearing a white shirt and blue pants as seen in the image directly above. Talk to her and she'll ask you to trade a Galarian Pokemon for a Pokemon from her region. Specifically, she wants a Galarian Weezing and in return will give you a Classic Weezing. Execute the trade and now you will have Weezing in your possession.

– This article was last updated on: June 25, 2022

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