Pokemon Unite: Blissey Support/I'll ​​Build a Tank

Blissey is the newest Pokémon to enter the fray in Unite, but with a much less offensive approach. The main Eldegoss may have an alternate Pokemon that will fill multiple roles. She excels in stamina and support, while having mediocre attack, mobility, and scoring stats.

Best build to use Blissey as a support tank

Blissey is definitely going to take a lot more heat than an Eldegoss because she is a melee type. She also shouldn't be the one that deals a lot of damage, so she'll be on the front line maintaining others' DPS and in this build, increasing it.

After some testing she is relatively up to par and in some cases not up to Eldegoss. Blissey can pull a few tricks up her sleeve that can help turn the tide of the battle. Due to her above average stamina stat, she can take a few more hits while her allies wither the competition. She can decently sustain herself if she finds herself in a risky situation with the following setup.

Best Moves


  • Despite what I said about not using Blissey as a damage dealer, his Pound move is surprisingly strong. He can actually do some serious work against the early game Aipoms, allowing him to move from Chansey to Blissey much faster.


  • This move allows you to heal a nearby friendly Pokémon with an egg. It also heals you in exchange for good health. It can hold up to three charges with reserves at first.


  • This move improves the basic movement and attack speed of Blissey and all nearby allies. It also strengthens the attacks of affected allies. Helping Hand is great for chasing down stragglers and turning the tide in close combat. It might even be useful for locking down a Rotom or Drednaw.

Objects retained

Buddy Barrier (required)

  • Blissey is already the support type, and with her Unite Move essentially turning her into a meat shield, the extra healing can help keep her targeted ally alive. It just adds additional healing specifically for the weakest nearby ally.

Focal strip (mandatory)

  • In order to stay on the battlefield longer, this held item increases Blissey's overall survivability. In some cases, it can be the difference between escaping and getting shot by an enemy hiding in the tall grass.

Exp. To share

  • Blissey isn't meant to be the one doing the damage or doing the takedowns of wild Pokémon in the early game. With this item, she will passively gain enough experience to be at roughly the same level as her allies. This, however, promotes a passive style of play. She shouldn't be the one to get the final hits so she can maximize the item's experience gains.

muscle band

  • If you use Helping Hand, this item will increase the overall effectiveness of your basic attack. Blissey can actually deal significant damage using this ability. Pair this move setup with a Muscle Band and you simply pump out more DPS with this hybrid support tank.

battle object

Eject button

  • Despite its recent nerf, the eject button is great for situations where your team has fallen. Even tanks sometimes have to retreat when the front lines have fallen. Just because you can heal yourself and have good survivability doesn't mean you're invincible, especially when the opposing team gangs up on you. Additionally, you'd want to avoid painfully long respawn timers as much as possible.

Pokémon Unite is available now on Nintendo Switch with an upcoming release for mobile phones in September 2022. For more Pokémon Unite guides like builds and patch notes, click here.

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