PS5 April update will allow users to store games in external storage

M.2 support is still available

Video games can take up quite a bit of memory storage space, and right now the PlayStation 5's internal storage is your only option for the console. A new update coming this month attempts to make the storage shuffle experience a bit easier.

Starting tomorrow, the PlayStation 5 will be able to transfer PS5 games to USB extended memory from its internal memory, just as it can with PlayStation 4 games. This will allow games to move between discs , but as the PlayStation Blog notes, PS5 games won't be playable with extended storage.

While it's faster to reinstall games from USB extended storage rather than re-downloading them or copying them from disk, you'll still need to move a game to internal storage when you want to play it. PS5 games also cannot be downloaded directly to external storage, although they can update automatically when needed.

Sony confirms that extended storage support via M.2 drives is still under development, but it's not offering any updates other than that it's still in the works.

A few more quality of life updates to things like in-game chat and the PS5 UI are on the way, along with pre-downloads for game title updates, so the console can recover the latest versions of games during rest mode.

These are great features, although I'm really looking forward to a real storage expansion solution. Games this generation aren't getting any smaller, and right now I've just had my PlayStation 5's internal storage. Once big games like Returnal and Deathloop start hitting things can get dicey. . Hopefully the M.2 update isn't too far off.

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